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Every school child has been taught to make a plan. But the simple scheme “introduction – main part – conclusion” is essentially meaningless, because its universality absolutely does not bring the student any closer to understanding the structure of his essay. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to make this plan more realistic, corresponding to the specific tasks of the essay. There is quite an effective technique to quickly start writing. To do this, for 5-10 minutes, write down at random everything that comes to mind in connection with the given topic. If nothing comes to mind, a search query write essay for me cheap you can always find help and support from experienced professionals. Do not be afraid to write “nonsense”, something not quite right. It is not necessary to formalize your thoughts in literary form. In the head can come as a sentence, and a phrase, or a single word. All of this and need to be put on paper.

What is it all for? When you have finished writing down all your ideas on the topic, you need to carefully re-read this stream of thoughts, eliminate random or controversial points from it, and leave only what will eventually serve as the framework for the essay. Then you need to build a logical composition out of the remaining ideas. Think in what order it is better to arrange these thoughts and number them. This will be the “main part” of your essay.

What should you do next?

Now you need to add an introduction and a conclusion to it. It is not true that the conclusion is a paraphrase of the introduction. In the introduction, you only approach the topic, highlighting its relevance and importance. And in the conclusion, you summarize your reasoning, summarize the conclusions.

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How else to overcome the inability to write anything? Often it happens that the thought came, but it is difficult to give it a literary form. In that case, I recommend writing it down in the form in which it comes out so far. It is not important that it will sound rough or wrong: your task is to write at least something. And you’ll edit after you’ve finished the whole text.

There are also times when a student stops to write in search of the right word. If the essay is written at home, I suggest using an online dictionary of synonyms. With its help, you can easily diversify your writing, as well as quickly overcome “stagnation” in the construction of the phrase. If this happens in the exam, then, again, I recommend writing minimally simple and clear, and to correct the text after it is completely finished.

So the main point to grasp for anyone facing final exams with essays is not to be afraid to write poorly, never stagnate on a single phrase, and move forward every precious minute of the exam even if it seems like you’re not doing very well. Your main task is to have a finished text in front of you, and editing it is another matter.

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