How to Overcome Five Common Essay Writing Problems

Are you a university or college student? How are you at essay writing? Probably you are currently dealing with writing issues just like many others. It’s not just you alone, thousands of students go through the same essay writing problems.

It’s okay to have issues while writing an academic assignment. However, it is not okay to leave these problems unattended. According to students should deal with academic problems to avoid failure in their educational endeavors.

Honing your writing abilities is not a hard thing to do. You can tackle essay writing problems easily by identifying and resolving them. In this post, let’s check out some of the most common essay writing issues that students go through during their course of study.

Common Essay Writing Problems and Their Solutions

Students might have different sorts of problems when it comes to talking about essay writing. However, here are the common ones that most individuals suffer from at the university and college levels. 

1. Self-Doubt or Lack of Self-Reliance

Do you feel incompetent and demoralized? If yes, then you are afflicted by a lack of self-reliance. Confidence is the key to achieve big things in life. If you doubt your abilities, you won’t be able to write something spectacular.

This is one of the most prevalent issues faced by students studying in different educational institutions. Especially, fresh people who have very little knowledge about assignment standards feel difficulty in writing their homework tasks.

People with self-doubt are reluctant to believe in their competencies. They can’t write a flawless paper just because of their habit of uncertainty. This has to be resolved if you want to make progress as a student.

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Do you want to get rid of self-doubt? It’s possible to feel fully confident while writing your essay. There are several ways through which you can beat the stress. Improving your knowledge is one of the best ways. Consider taking productive online courses that can help improve your ability to write essays and other types of university assignments.

There are so many helpful blogs and tutorials that you can see to get the right assistance. Whenever you come across an obstacle while writing your assignment, don’t let the fear grow inside. Research and find a solution. 

The internet can help you find plenty of possible ways through which you can break the hurdle. Practicing your writing skills is another great way to cope with doubt issues. Just pick up a random topic that you feel interested in and start writing. Feel free to make mistakes as you can always identify and correct them during the proofreading phase.

2. Lack of Information

Another common problem that becomes a hurdle in the smooth essay writing process is the lack of information. Students with very little knowledge about a specific topic or subject can’t write a good essay according to the teacher’s guidelines. They must possess the required information to create an interesting piece of writing.

Students who don’t take interest in learning about new concepts often feel uncomfortable while writing essays and similar assignments. 


Getting this problem sorted should not cost you the earth. Start reading materials relevant to the subject that teacher has assigned. Research online, grab books from the library, read notes to develop a better understanding of a topic.

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Your mentors can provide expert assistance whenever you feel stuck at some point while doing the research. Feel free to reach out to them during the scheduled office hours. Take notes of things that you find difficult and discuss them with your teacher. That’s how you can develop good comprehension without being misguided.

3. Plagiarism Issues

Teachers assign essays to help students develop good research and writing abilities using their intellect. That’s the reason you see zero tolerance for copied content. Some students see this legitimate to copy relevant text from other sources and include it in their essay without reference or citation. Beware, this is an offense. 


You are supposed to write a unique assignment under the provided instructions. Don’t copy stuff and present it as your work. This can result in complete rejection. If you have used any quotes or similar content from elsewhere, make sure to provide in-text citations.

Use authentic plagiarism detection tools such as Turnitin and CopyScape to make sure your essay is original. You might have to get a paid subscription to these premium tools. However, it can save you from the embarrassment that you might have to face in case of any duplication found in your write-up.

4. Lack of Writing Abilities

Writing skills include more than a few important things such as vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, clarity, editing, proofreading, spelling, and clarity. A good writer is supposed to have the ability to write an impeccable essay using the perfect writing skills.

Those who don’t possess good writing abilities shouldn’t lose heart. There are steps that you can take to overcome writing incompetency. However, you have to be dedicated and ready to learn these skills. 

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If you want to improve your writing skills, then you have to follow a pro approach. Try using simple words in your write-ups as complex phrases can make a write-up difficult to understand for an average reader. 

Build short and clear sentences so that they don’t create a mess. Increase your vocabulary by reading more and more. Underline words that you don’t understand and learn their meanings. Work on your grammar by learning all the basics. There are so many wonderful websites that can help in this regard. Get regular blog updates so that you stay on top of the latest grammatical changes. 

5. Poor Time Management 

This is a common problem in essay writing. Many students can’t manage their time as they are engaged in different activities. Some have to work part-time to earn a livelihood while others might have to take care of their elderly parents. All these things affect time management. However, you can turn the table by managing your time appropriately.


Your study should be the top priority. Set aside a couple of hours out of your hectic routine. Dedicate this time to your essay writing assignments.

Two hours at night before going to bed can help you develop exceptional essay writing skills in no time. Avoid procrastination and stay committed to your daily goals. Try to sit in front of your study table no matter how difficult the situation is. You will feel stress-free after giving a couple of hours to honing your essay writing skills.


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