How to Set Up Your Online Selling on Amazon?

Many people start selling on Amazon as a hobby but turn the new hobby into a career once the profits start rolling in. Customers shop and spend money on Amazon twenty-four hours a day, making Amazon a lucrative site for people who have items to sell. The following information will cover how to start selling on this website, bring in customers, and provide some tips for maximizing sales. 

Step One: Choose an Amazon Selling Plan

Sites that allow people to host items for sale commonly charge fees and commissions. These fees help the websites cover the costs involved with running the site. A person can learn more at While it may seem weird to pay a fee, keep in mind that these fees should only be a small percentage of the item’s selling price.

Currently, Amazon has two selling plans available for sellers. One plan charges a fee for each item listed and is called the Individual Plan. The second plan is called the Professional Plan and charges a flat rate per month. Both programs charge additional selling fees once an item sells. People who are just starting out might want to try the Individual Plan at first and later switch to the Professional Plan once their sales start to grow.

Step Two: Add Products for Sale

With a seller plan in place, it is time to add the products. The selling site allows users to list items for sale into many common categories. Items in specific categories have restrictions, such as items containing alcohol, animal-related items, coins, medications, art, handmade products, baby items, adult-themed items, and more. Choosing the correct category when listing is essential, as an item can be flagged if listed incorrectly.

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If the item for sale is common, another seller may be offering the item for sale. In this case, their listing will be the starting point. If the product is not currently for sale on Amazon, the seller will create a new listing. When listing an item for sale, especially an item that is not currently on Amazon, the seller will need the following information:

  • UPCs when applicable
  • SKU numbers
  • The selling price
  • Product condition
  • Item quantity available
  • Shipping options offered
  • A product title and description
  • Photos showcasing the items
  • Keywords to help customers find the item.

Step Three: Bring in Customers

With the item listed for sale, it is time to focus on bringing in customers. The more people that see the item, the higher the chances of the item being sold. When shopping, many customers turn on the Prime filter. Bring in more customers by offering Prime shipping for items.

Sellers with a larger budget may want to consider advertising their items on Amazon. By sponsoring a product, a seller can promote their merchandise in the listings customers see. Instead of paying an upfront fee for having a sponsored product, the seller pays a pay-per-click fee. With pay-per-click advertising, the seller only pays a fee if customers click on the item. Sellers can set a budget to avoid surprises later on with product advertisement costs.

Another way to bring in customers is to offer a deal or a coupon on the product. Coupons stand out in big green boxes and will catch shoppers’ attention. Lastly, don’t forget to list the product at a fair price. Customers are more likely to buy if they feel the product is at a reasonable price point. On the other hand, if the price is too high, a customer may end up purchasing the item they are seeking from another seller. 

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