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In this article, we will be dealing with information about a famous American Trainer. His name is Cody Rigsby. We will be covering everything related to him. Particularly, we will be dealing with his bio, net worth, personal life, career, and some facts. If you like anything about him and came here to gain knowledge about his net worth or his career then you should read this article with a lot of patience.

Who is Cody Rigsby

As we have told you already that he is an American citizen. He was born on the 8th of June, 1987. His age is 34 years. We have read somewhere that he was born in the United States of America. He works as a trainer. But, there are many things he does. He is also known as an entrepreneur. He is a well-known rel=”nofollow”social media personality. According to the sources, he has almost $5 million in net worth. 

Despite the fact that he has been doing a lot of things, he gained popularity by being a fitness instructor at Peloton. If you are following him on social media then you must know that he is an active user and he regularly gives advice on lifestyle and motivational fitness, particularly on social media. He is a well-recognized personality all over the world as a fitness trainer. 

He is known for his Instagram engagement. He has almost 1 million followers on Instagram which is a great number for a fitness trainer. He actively uses TikTok so he has an almost 190k audience who follows him on TikTok. If we add the number of his followers then you may notice that there are more than a million people who like his content.

Is Cody Rigsby rich?

As we told you earlier that it has been estimated that his net worth is approx. $5 Million. So, basically by using this data, we can say that he is one of the richest trainers of fitness in the United States of America. He earns money by doing some brand endorsement deals. Actually, his major source of income is through brand endorsements. He also earns money by working as a fitness model.

According to the reports, he earns more than $500k per year. This data was lasted updated in 2022.

His Net Worth over the years

He is admired by many people because people find a connection with him. He is a person who came from a middle-class family and created his identity.

He has struggled a lot and he has faced many problems. Whatever he has achieved, he did this through his hard work and passion. Now, he is a successful person but he still works hard to maintain whatever he has received. His net worth has also increased over the years.

Now, we will be telling you his last five year’s net worth and this is just an estimation. According to the sources, his net worth in 2018 is $0.8 Million. This increased in 2019 and became $ 1.5 Million. In 2020, his net worth is $ 2 Million which again increased in the next year and became $3.5 Million. In 2022, his net worth is approx. $ 5 Million.

What are his Income Sources?

Let’s talk about his income sources as there are many people who wonder how he is earning. We have already stated that his main profession is to work as a fitness trainer. He works as a fitness instructor and health specialist at Peloton. He charges almost $700 for a single class at Peloton. He earns a lot of money by providing classes as a fitness instructor. He is also earning by entering into brand deals and sponsorships.

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His Early life

He was born in the United States of America but specifically, he is from North California. His Zodiac is Gemini. The name of his mother is Cindy Rigsby. Cody is a follower of Christianity. He has a very good height. His height is 5.11 feet. His weight is estimated as 80 kgs. His chest size is 36 inches. His waist is 30 inches and his biceps are 15 inches.

He has a very beautiful color of eyes. His eye color is dark brown and his hair color is brown. He is also a very good dancer. According to his fans, he is very charming and attractive. He has completed his early education in Northern California. After completing his schooling, he did graduation. 

He has taken dance classes in New York at Broadway Dance Center. He belongs to a middle-class family but he manages everything. He has completed his dance class and he has also focused on the improvement of his skills. He completed his studies with scholarships.

If you love reading about him. Then, we would like to tell you another fact about his birthday is that he was born on Monday (8th of June, 1987). At present, he has completed the age of 34 years. You may not get the name of his father because that is still unknown. In an interview, he clearly stated that when he was growing up, his mother has taken care of him alone. 

When he was a child, he loves to dance. He was very passionate about dancing. But he has created a balance between his studies and dance. He has completed his primary education at a private school that is situated in Northern California.

He moved to New York after completing his graduation to learn dance at Broadway Dance Center. He was very passionate to pursue a career in dance. Somehow, he manages to get a scholarship because he was very talented. 

He is not married yet and it may be possible that he has someone special in his life. But he is single and doesn’t have a spouse.

Inspiring Career of Cody

It is very difficult to achieve the success that Cody has now. He has gone through many difficulties to get success. He has worked hard to achieve this place. Cody is raised by a single mother. His mother tries to fulfill all his needs but that would not be possible for a single mother. 

He was not able to pay the fees when he decides to become a dance learner on TRL. After this, he decided to move to Britney’s recordings to fulfill his dreams. He became a professional dancer by completing his dance classes at Broadway Dance Center. 

You may know that he has worked with many famous stars and he has performed dance in many videos. He has worked with many known personalities, some of these are Katy Perry, Putt Bull, Nicki Minaj, and many more. You can check this fact. He has stated that after completing his dancing lessons, he has decided to work in several clubs as a performer. He was working hard but not able to earn more. 

As he was not able to earn more so he decided to become a fitness instructor. He also learned that being a fitness instructor is also beneficial for his own health, he could lead to a healthy lifestyle. After becoming a fitness instructor, he worked in the new Peloton York Media Company. The main products of Peloton are treadmills and stationary bicycles and Cody remains as the fitness trainer or instructor of Peloton for many years. 

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Cody completed his specialization and then he actually started working with the famous people of Hollywood. He has worked with many celebrities like Pitt Bull, Victory, and Katty Perry in many famous shows. Many choreographers have suggested he become a fitness instructor. Many people have advised him to become a health guide. He became one of the costliest fitness trainers at Peloton and he remains in this position for many years. 

He is an active social media user. He regularly shares videos and guides on social media. He actively shares posts on Instagram and he has many followers. Many people have stated that they believe that Cody Rigsby is the most famous trainer who is associated with Peloton which is a brand itself. Cody has worked for many TV advertisements and many people have liked him in this role. He has associated with many brands, some of which are Primal Kitchen, Adidas, Chobani Chobani, Wonderworks Keto-friendly cereal, and many more. This thing has provided a lot of fame and money to him. We have told you earlier that he has worked with ELLE Magazine, Katy Perry, SNL, and Nicki Minaj as a professional dancer. 

His career is an inspiration for many people as he has worked really hard to achieve this. But after becoming a professional Dancer, he changed his career to Fitness Instructor because he realized that he has the potential to become a good instructor and by this, he can earn even more. We have told you that he found many benefits in shifting his career. He feels that this profession is also good for his health. He has also been associated with a media company. 

He has been working with Peloton so it is very important to know about this company. The main products of Peloton are internet-connected stationary bicycles. They have been working on treadmills also. He is not only a fitness instructor in Peloton fitness instructor but he has been also working as Peloton Cycling Director.

His Physical Stats

He is a fit person that is why he became a fitness trainer. He has a good height of 5 feet 11 inches. His weight is approximately 175 pounds which is 79 kgs to make to understand easily. His total body mass index is 24.2 m/kg2. We can say by looking at his BMI (Body Mass Index) that he has a healthy lifestyle. He knows that it is very important for him to exercise properly and to have a strict diet because he is a fitness instructor so he focuses on his health and diet. 

He regularly does exercise. According to many reports, his shoe size is 11. This could be an interesting fact for his fans.

His Personal Life

He has stated that when he was in college, he tried to date a girl. But this thing doesn’t provide him satisfaction. He wants something else. When he was a child, he suffered from homophobia, and of which, his nature changed. Later he found that he is interested in men. He has a boyfriend. His boyfriend’s name is Andres Alfaro. Andres also works as a fitness trainer. Both of them work in New York which is a great thing for both of them. 


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They started dating in April 2020. Cody Rigsby told everyone about their relationship in April 2020. They have officially announced on their Instagram Account that they both are dating each other. They both follow the laws and regulations of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer). But there are many people who still are not able to accept homosexual couples.

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House of Cody

Cody Rigsby earns a lot of money and the amount he earns is enough to live a luxurious life. He has gained a lot of recognition in the USA after becoming a fitness instructor. This recognition helped him in fulfilling his dreams. In 2021, he was earning enough to buy a beautiful house, he actually bought a penthouse that year. 

His luxurious penthouse was located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which is itself a beautiful place. There are many reports in which it was stated that the house was very costly, the total worth of the house is estimated at more than $ 1.46 Million. 

He sees a beautiful view from the balcony of his house which is situated in Brooklyn. He is the owner of many beautiful properties and he also owns an exercise club. 

He has actually invested in many properties.

Some Facts about Cody

His work has been gaining recognition day by day in many different and larger cities. He is very motivated toward increasing the status of LGBTQ in society.

He is a great motivator. He has motivated many people for maintaining their fitness of the body. Many people have decided to maintain their health by listening to his motivation.

He has decided to move towards simplicity day by day with his New York City home. During the time of the pandemic, he remains active on social media and that time also helped many people through his post and motivation. 

Apart from fitness, there are other certain things that he likes to do. Some of these are biking, hiking, dancing, and much more. If you have read properly then you have noticed that we have talked about his interest in dancing but other points might be new to you. 

Net Worth of Cody Rigsby

Currently, it has been estimated that the net worth of Cody Rigsby is neatly to be $5 Million (in 2022). We have already discussed that whatever he has been earning or earned is his passion for dancing and fitness training. Many reports have disclosed that it has been estimated that yearly he has been early more than $500K which is a huge amount. 

He is associated with Peloton, where he works as a fitness instructor and health specialist. There are some other sources also available from where he might be earning a good amount. He has been working with many brands and sponsorship, if you have knowledge about these two sources then you have understood that by sponsorship anyone can earn a good amount of money.


In this article, we have talked about Cody Rigsby. He is one of the most famous Fitness Instructors and motivators who is working in Peloton. There are many people who like his work and the contents he posts on social media. He has motivated many people. If you like anything about him and came here to gain knowledge about his net worth or his career then you should read this article with a lot of patience. 

He is gay and he actively supports LGBTQ. He regularly meets with the people associated with the LGBTQ community. If you have an interest in reading about his personal life then you should read this article carefully. We have tried to mention every important detail about his life but it may be possible that there is something we missed. We have created many different sub-topics which could be beneficial for you.

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