What are the types of letters?

When we write with a word processor, we can see that there is a small tab where we can select the font we want. We usually don’t give much importance to the issue of font, when writing text, we usually only use Times New Roman, Calibri and Aria, but the truth is that there is a whole field of study behind it, typography the type of font used to convey a certain message is highly valued in aspects such as are advertising and politics. Font developing is now a worldwide popular business because of its extreme importance.

Typography is to written text what intonation and volume are to oral speech. The aesthetics of letters is not simply a visual issue, but also a question of adequacy that leaves an impression on the mental level. Depending on which script we use to write something, the writing will appear more or less elegant, informal, striking, or appropriate to what is being said orally and in writing. Even if the same letters, the same words, and the same phrases are used, the style used can completely change what is not read directly, something like the non-verbal language of the text.

For example, submitting a college paper in Times New Roman is considered appropriate, while Comic Sans can even make the paper look uncorrected. The first style is considered formal and elegant, suitable for elevated contexts, such as college. Times New Roman is the suit and tie of written text. Instead, the Comic Sans style is considered frivolous, and not at all suitable for college. Dressing up is going home on a text or, even worse, dressing him up as a clown.

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There are many elements that make up a font in one way or another, making it more or less suitable for different contexts. Among the elements that should be taken into account, and which are actually taken into account when classifying the type of letter, we have aspects such as the thickness of the stroke, regardless of whether it has a finish or serious, how rounded or square the letter is, its inclination, letter separation.


Before Obama’s campaign, presidential candidates, both Democrats, and Republicans, used classic fonts to write messages for their campaign posters and brochures. What did Barack Obama do? Intending to be seen as synonymous with change, he used a sans-serif font and a novel, clear, bold, and simple: Gotham. Although it was not the only thing that led to his success, the use of the new typeface certainly helped make Barack Obama the first African-American president of the United States. Fonts licensing also took place during this period.

Considering both this particular case and the ones mentioned above, from now on we should be a little more careful about the way we present our texts. The next time we send an email, share our resume, hand out class assignments, or create a poster for a demonstration, we should take a moment to think about the best typographic styles to use.


Originally posted 2023-02-01 23:03:23.