Sure Shot Signs Off Unbalanced Water With Varying pH Levels

For those of you who are on the beginning phase of a journey with testing water using a pH level test of water, you may want to start at the very beginning to learn about what pH is and how it affects the quality of the water you consume on a daily basis. When it comes to water, its pH value is probably not the first thing in your mind. However, an unbalanced pH value could cause your household a number of unexpected expenses and headaches when it comes to health and the quality of your clothing as well as food. Before you head on to buy a pH level tester for water at your home, take a look at this piece. 

What is pH?

In technical terms, PH stands for the potential of hydrogen-an indication of whether the substance is willing to give up extra hydrogen ions or to take an extra hydrogen ion. Also, according to the pH scale, it ranges from the values of 0 to 14 and accommodates three categories on the scale, namely – acids, bases, and neutral.

Seven on the scale of a PH scale is known as a neutral element, whereas anything below the value of seven is considered acidic, and everything above the value of seven is considered basic. Assistant to have extra hydrogen ions; therefore, losing these ions is possible. At the same time, bases tend to have fewer hydrogen ions, thereby gaining more hydrogen ions. The scale is used to measure the alkalinity and acidity levels of any given water. A good water pH tester is able to test your water for alkalinity & acidity accurately. 

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Increment in the pH scale indicates10 times more acidic or10 times less acidic when it comes to saying the level of acidity or alkalinity in water. Sure, to jump from 5 to 6 on the pH scale may not seem significant, but this accelerated value shows a drastic change in the purity of water and how it could affect one’s health.

What tends to cause an unbalanced pH level?

Quite often, the next natural question is what unbalance is the pH level of water? A variety of factors play into determining the unbalanced pH levels in the water. As chemicals and minerals enter the water supply, the value of the pH becomes unbalanced as it takes on elements from everything it crosses paths with. The composition of the soil, the bedrock, or the other factors in our environment and surroundings affect the water supply and changes the pH value. Quite often, high alkaline water comes from rocky areas that contain a lot of limestones. The same area also consists of carbonate, bicarbonate, and hydroxide, which dissolve with water and travels alongside it. On the other hand, when water is acidic, even that could result from a number of sources such as when real fall lands in acidic areas that contain carbon dioxide in the environment, or there has been a chemical run-off affecting the water supply of the area.

Some signs that you have unbalanced water I need to get it balanced right away:

1. Signs that your water has a low pH level:

  • Blue and green staining on copper plumbing
  • Severe leakages in the plumbing 
  • Visible red or rust color staining on galvanized steel or cast iron pipes
  • Severe corrosion and leaching
  • Metal toxicity
  • Sour taste for water
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2. Signs that your water has a higher pH level:

  • There is a scale buildup on shower doors, units, and fixtures.
  • There is a reduced amount of flow in water
  • There is an accumulation of scale at the bottom of your water tank and water heaters
  • The water tastes bitter

These are some of the signs that show if the water has an unbalanced pH level, and using the best portable pH meter, you can gauge the water’s pH value and get it corrected in order to avoid unnecessary ill health. 

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