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Are you streaming for hours on Twitch, but not getting satisfactory views? The situation must be really frustrating. Perhaps, you need to think differently. When you decide to promote your Twitch stream, you must go through some strategies that should provide you a good result. In this post, we are sharing some of them to follow. 

Network with other streamers

Networking is extremely crucial both online and offline. It helps you to be recognized in the community. When you decide to promote your Twitch stream, the best way we can suggest is to network with other streamers. You can attend Conventions arranged by the Twitch streamer community where you will be able to get recognized with other popular streamers. Along with the recognition, the discussion among streamers will explore more ideas to grow your channel and promote your stream. If you have never networked with Twitch streamers before, start small. You can join smaller meet-ups nearby like NYC Twitch meet-ups.

Ask your followers and friends

You are a Twitch streamer means you have at least a few followers. Since the audience is game enthusiasts, you can share your stream with them and ask them to promote. Besides, if you have gamer friends on other platforms, you should ask them as well. You can offer them cross-promotion so that both of you can be benefited. It is not only a good strategy for promotion but also helps you to grow your channel in a long run.

Pick the right game

Promoting your Twitch stream will not be easy if you fail to amaze the audience. It can be done by choosing the best game that both you and the audience love. You should check if the game is popular before deciding on one. In that case, the audience will experience your gaming skill as well as like to hear your precise commentary. So, you should pick a game that you are genuinely passionate about and too good at playing. If the audience notices your passion and skill are superb, they will eagerly share your stream without asking. 

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Utilize the power of social media

If you truly want to promote your Twitch stream, you must think outside of the box. You should perceive how powerful social media is. Since we all have social media accounts, the existing followers can be a powerful option to promote Twitch streams. So, inform your viewers before playing the stream. Besides, you can tag particular pages and profiles to promote your Twitch stream. Twitter is the best platform for the job. You can find many promotional profiles on Twitter that are eagerly waiting for your tag and promoting your stream. 

Go to paid promotion

Professional Twitch streamers prioritize time more than money. If you want to mix up your promotion strategy like a pro, you can try buying twitch followers along with the organic promotion. Going to a paid promotion is quite effective to get real followers in minimum time as well as the brand you Twitch channel to a massive audience.


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