Tips On Choosing The Best Razer Gaming Laptops In Singapore

Gaming laptops are some of the best ones you can buy, but choosing the perfect one for your needs may be tricky. There are many Razer laptops to choose from, and they all come with their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore you must select your Razer laptop according to what makes the most sense. Here are tips on choosing the right gaming laptop.

  1. Screen Size

The first thing that should be considered when buying a Razer gaming laptop is the laptop’s screen size. Razer offers a wide variety of options in terms of screen size, and this is something that you want to take into account when choosing your laptop. Many users prefer laptops with 17-inch screens, but some prefer 14-inch screens depending on their needs.

  1. Resolution

Next, you want to look at the resolution of the laptop’s display. Razer offers laptops with 1080p Full HD resolution, as well as laptops with 3200 x 1800 resolution displays with Ultra HD 4K resolutions too. The best thing to do is find out which resolution works best for you before buying a gaming laptop.

  1. Processor

The processor of the Razer gaming laptop should be taken into account, and it can have a significant impact on how well a computer performs when used for gaming. There are four different processor options available in terms of a Razer laptop. They include an Intel Core i7-6700HQ quad-core processor, an Intel Core i7-6820HK Hexa-core processor, or an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 eight-core AMD CPU with 8 threads, each being faster than the previous one. The processors are the essential parts of any laptop, and choosing one that is a good fit for you will save you a lot of hassle.


  1. RAM

RAM is taken into account next, as this can significantly impact a gaming laptop’s performance when used. There are several different RAM options available with gaming laptops. Still, the most common RAM type is 16 GB of DDR4 SDRAM, which is significantly faster than the RAM used in other laptops.

  1. Storage

The storage option will depend on the kind of games you wish to play and the amount of storage you need. There are several options to choose from with Razer gaming laptops, such as having a 1 TB hard drive or a 256 GB SSD hard drive.

  1. Special Features

Gaming laptops come with many unique features that make them incredibly easy to use and on the eyes. Some special features include Chroma lighting, which is LED lights that can change their color depending on what you are doing with your gaming laptop. There is also something called an anti-ghosting keyboard so you can press several keys without any problems.

Place to buy

Razer in Singapore specializes in the sale of laptops and other accessories. Razer is well known for the speedy service they give out on their products. They have a well-trained customer service team who works hard to ensure that your experience with them is wonderful, which can be challenging for some companies.

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