How Much Does it Cost to Hire a CAD Designer?

Ever wondered, how each of the 7 wonders of the world was built by men. Compared to the present scenario, they had very minimal technology and knowledge to build those wonders.

But some of them are so exquisite and mysterious that building a replica is almost impossible to even with the technology and capacity acquired by humans till now.

Not just the 7 wonders, the man-made structures and architectures like bridges, buildings, towers, ships, machines, etc., are as complex and marvelous as the 7 wonders.

Modern marvels are made with precision and planning, and the technologies used by experts are numerous like machines copying humans using artificial intelligence, creating mechanical 3d cad models using Autocad civil 3D, designing warships, and ocean liners using marine software Bareboat, and many more.

The experts use CAD for creating different 3D models of machines and buildings to get a clear idea about what they are going to make.

What is actually the CAD software?

CAD is the abbreviation for Computer-Aided Design, which is used for designing, technical documentation, drafting, and engineering. It is included in the Engineering courses as well as can be learned through special courses prepared for the profession of CAD designers.

By using this technology one can easily make blueprints for great architectures and machines. With that comes the need for an expert CAD designer.

For a company, the human resource plays an important role in its future endeavors. Hence, selecting the right candidate for the right job is crucial. To get the right candidate, a decent salary has to be offered.

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Now comes the important question;

How much is the CAD designer’s remuneration?

According to the job portal, the average base salary of a CAD designer is $22.08 per hour in the United States. Hence, the average salary per annum will be around $46,632.92. Some of the highest paying cities in the US for CAD designers are:

Irvine, CA-       $28.63

Warren, MI-     $28.20

New York, NY- $25.79

Dallas, TX-      $24.37

Austin, TX-      $23.82

The companies provide other benefits like:-

  • Bonus
  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Life Insurance
  • Employee stock ownership plan

CAD designers with these skills are most likely to get hired

  • Autodesk AutoCAD- $22/hour
  • Computer-Aided Drafting & Design- $23/hour
  • SolidWorks- $21/hour
  • Computer-Aided Design- $22/hour
  • Engineering Designs- $24/hour

A professional having the skills in Computer-Aided Drafting & Design, Autodesk AutoCAD, and Engineering Design is paid more than the average pay in the market.

The CAD designers are highly sought after by the recruiters for the following industries.

Architecture: A CAD expert can easily create the blueprint and design of the building. It helps in improving the visual appeal and better understanding.

Filmmaking: Helps in the creation of 3D models for movies. One can’t imagine a fantasy movie without 3D animation/CGI.

Engineering: A CAD designer is needed in this industry for creating mechanical 3d cad models of machinery. Tools and equipment can be made with precision.

Industrial Designs: The CAD designer is essential in improving the workflow by creating an efficient factory layout.

Manufacturing: 3D modeling and printing is the new game-changer in the manufacturing industry. It helps in improving the production time.

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Other industries where a CAD designer is in demand are; Marketing, healthcare, scientific research, video games, etc. Based on 1,964 salary profiles, has given a detailed review of the average pay structure of CAD designers.

Hourly rate      :$15-$33

Bonus             :$258k-5k

Profit-sharing  :$5k-506k

Commission    :$7k-750k

Total pay         :$35k-78k

The review shows that a CAD designer with a few years of experience can ask for about $35,000 to $78,000 per annum.


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