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The field of Information Technology has a lot to offer in terms of areas of specialization and plenty of employment opportunities. However, you really need to be the best of the best with a shining resume to land a well-paying, exciting job in software development. You need to have a good knowledge base and the right set of skills to succeed in this sector. To become a successful professional in the software development field, continue reading this article. This article will learn about the CSM online course and how to become a certified scrum master. This will help you maximize your professional efficacy and open up several career opportunities in the Information Technology sector for you.

Your Role As A Certified Scrum Master

The Agile framework is now becoming a very popular framework in several software development organizations. This framework is being adopted for product management and project management across different industries. For organizations using this framework, the role of a scrum master is very important. Being a certified scrum master will, therefore, increase your demand as a professional. So, what do you have to do as a scrum master? Well, if you’re interested in a leadership role, this course is perfect for you. As a scrum master working in an agile environment, your knowledge base about the values and methodologies of Scrum will enable you to be in charge of team accountability, iterative progress, and team performance.

Requirements for Becoming A Certified Scrum Master 

To become a certified scrum master, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the practices, principles, and values of the Scrum framework. For this, you need to complete a CSM online course. You also need to attend a workshop conducted by a CSM trainer, which will be approximately 16 hours (2 days). Some of the basic components of this course have been listed as follows:

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a). Values of the scrum framework

b). Principles of the scrum framework

c). Scope of Agile, Scrum, and Lean

d). Coaching

e). Agile facilitation

f). Product owner

g). Services to development teams

h). Services to organizations

About the examination

After you’ve completed your CSM training online, you will have to give an examination. You have to take this examination within 90 days of completing the 16-hour workshop. The examination will consist of 35 questions. These questions will be a combination of true and false statements and multiple-choice questions. The time limit is 60 minutes. The main scope of the examination includes questions about the Scrum artifacts, Scrum knowledge, Scrum meetings, and Scrum roles. You need to answer a minimum of 24 questions correctly to pass. You’re allowed to take this examination twice within those 90 days. In case you take this examination after the 90 days timeline, you have to pay extra fees. It is a nominal amount. Your CSM trainer pays the initial fee for the examination and certification. If you pass the exam, you will get a two-year membership which you will have to renew periodically.

This is a wonderful course to complete for individuals who want to succeed in the software development domain!

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