Choosing Waterproof Heavy-Duty Tarps for Industrial and Domestic Use

If you are seeking more info about a waterproof tarp, the case may be that you intend to buy the tarpaulins for home or industrial usage. No matter why you are searching for a good tarpaulin, you need to consider the type of tarp needed for your project as light or heavy-duty. There are many benefits and uses which you need to understand before making a choice among these. This article will let you know more about tarps and which one is ideal for your specific projects.

Choice of tarpaulins

Basically, any tarpaulin is a large sheet of strong, flexible, and waterproof material. These are usually made of different materials like canvas, plastic, polyester, or PVC, etc. Most of the low-cost tarps are made of woven materials like polythene. This usually features grommets along the sides and corners, and also some attachment points for ropes and bungee cords, etc.

Different types of heavy-duty tarpaulins

You can categorize tarpaulins based on various parameters. As there are different materials like canvas, plastic, polyethylene, or polyester, you have to be very sure of the choice of material to make. Along with these, tarps are also classified according to the thickness gauging. When considering a heavy duty tarp, you need to understand the categorization is based on the thickness of the tarps.

Canvas tarps

Canvas tarps are heavy-duty tarps but are not 100% waterproof. However, they are water-resistant up to an extent. These tarps can be used to provide shelter against rain, wind, and snow, etc. However, this should be installed in a slanting structure to be water repellent. If installed flat, water may get clogged on the surface and can seep into the canvas material after a while.

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PVC waterproof tarps 

PVC tarps are also heavy-duty, which vary in their uses depending on their structure and material used. These tarps are widely used as ground covering sheets for shelters against rain, wind, sunlight, etc. PVC tarps are also used during construction projects to protect the machinery or brickwork from damages. You can also find the tarpaulins used as fly-in camping lines or background sheets to cover baseball fields etc.

Here are some uses of heavy-duty tarps:

1. Transportation –

Transporting companies use tarps in order to shelter their goods which are being transported on trucks. It can protect the goods from extreme weather conditions like rain, heavy snowfall, sun’s intensive heat, etc.

2. Construction –

During severe weather conditions like torrents, rains, or hailstorms, many homeowners are left with big holes in the roofing. While they file the insurance claims, it may take too much time for the claims to be settled. In the meantime, tarpaulins come handy in order to cover the damaged part temporally. Also, in big construction projects, tarpaulins are used to cover the structure and materials.

Whatever type of heavy-duty tarpaulins you consider, make sure you order the best quality product from a reliable manufacturer to get it last really long.

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