Easy but Effective Tips for Instagram Fashion Accounts to Increase the Number of Followers

Fashion accounts thrive on social media with Instagram being right at the top due to its focus on images that make it easy for fashion designers and houses to show off their creations. With Instagram making e-commerce easier with its shoppable posts, fashion accounts are better poised to offer their target audience experiences that are more immersive. As with any other account on Instagram, the popularity of a fashion account is measured largely by its number of followers since the larger the number, the better the engagement and community-building. Since Instagram is intensely competitive, it can be a challenge for fashion accounts to acquire followers in digital marketing. Not only does it take a lot of time and effort but also you need to stay on top of the constantly changing algorithm and competitor activity. Some simple yet effective tips for fashion accounts to build a large and vibrant following:

Post-Attention-Grabbing Content

Even though fashion accounts have a natural advantage on Instagram because of their visual nature, you need to make sure that the images you are posting are not only relevant to your target audience but interesting and of a high enough quality that will make users stop scrolling through the posts and engage with you. Since you can expect the competition to be also doing the same; you should try to ensure that your posts are stunning. In addition to the visual quality, you will have to make sure that your posts are original and unique. One of the best tactics is to post images from the behind-the-scenes activity of your fashion house. Try to highlight the team that works hard to bring to the public outstanding creation and cover some of the informal moments in your company. It will help to humanize your business and make it more relatable to potential customers. For posting conventional fashion shots, you must follow all the rules of good photography. Pay attention to the composition of the image, with emphasis on ensuring that the outfit does not get lost with the background. Try to ensure that the background adds to the drama of the shot.

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Stay True To Your Style

Fashion lovers will naturally be attracted to you if you have a distinctive style of your own and your creations consistently reflect that style. If you are trying to imitate someone else in the hope that it will give you the recognition you are carving for, it can be a mistake because followers of fashion will dismiss you as a pretender. According to experts, the best way for fashion accounts on Instagram to build a large following is to show off your unique personality in a way that people can identify and relate with. Also, make sure that you follow a consistent posting schedule so that your posts become a matter of habit with your followers and they know when you will be posting so that they can look out for you. Also, critical is the way you engage with your followers. You must make sure that you respond to their comments or even criticism promptly and in a way that underlines your personality. As far as possible, try to make your account relatable by including your personal insights into fashion. If users perceive your account to be authentic and unique, they will be encouraged to follow you. If need be, in the initial days, you can buy Instagram comments for nominal amounts to boost your engagement rate.

Drive Authenticity with a Mix of High-Quality and Ordinary-Quality Photos

Everyone will tell you about the need to post very high-quality photos on Instagram to be able to stand out in the feeds of users. However, many fashion businesses get so fixated with posting only very high-quality images that they miss out on the opportunity of engaging their audiences with some shots of great moments simply because no professional photographer was around. It is important to understand that your followers are always interested in viewing images that are useful and interesting to them. There is also a certain amount of backlash against accounts that insist on posting only picture-perfect images as people are aware that they are not an accurate representation. Many uses on Instagram are gravitating towards photos that are more realistic and tend to reject those that are obviously edited and made unnaturally perfect with the use of filters. According to Atlantic, users are now more inclined to think badly about photos that looked staged.

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One of the best ways of growing your Instagram account following is to have a distinctive theme. Not only does it permit easy recognition by users but also it serves as a benchmark for you to judge whether a particular image is fitting well with the theme of your account. By using a particular theme consistently on your fashion Instagram account, you can reinforce your brand image and make your account feel more well put together and cohesive.


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