Check Out These Top Experts Recommended VueJS Frameworks For 2023

For present-day SPAs and web development, VueJS is a preferred framework as it’s an open-source option based on MVVM, which is very easy to code and comes with bountiful features. As you plan to use this, we strongly recommend knowing the trending framework. This post is of great help here. 

VueJS – A Preferred Choice 

VueJS is a highly progressive JavaScript-based framework. It’s utterly adaptable and provides a wide range of resources that are crucial for the development of modern-day SPAs and UIs. It proffers a fully-equipped development ecosystem and mostly remains in the top 3 lists. 

In case you’re wondering why use Vue or the best Vue database like Firebase, you need to know that: 

  • It comes with an easy learning curve and can be used by the rookie developers 
  • It promotes high customization  
  • It’s useful for lightweight web application developments 
  • The VueJS libraries aim to develop only user-friendly interfaces 

All in all, this is the right resource to own as you plan to develop a web application with modern features and great functionality. 

Before you get carried away with the impressive benefits of VueJS and plan to hire VueJS developer, we recommend knowing the best frameworks to use. 

For UI Components 

Want to build impressive UI components? These VueJS frameworks are the perfect pick.

  • Bootstrap Vue 

Try it for UI component development, as it provides all-inclusive resources. It comes with native-level integrations with over 45 plugins. It can take care of every requirement as it comes with 85 UI components and various starter packs. With its fully automated WAI-ARIA markup tool, you can quickly build mobile-first websites that support the ARIA specification. 

  • Vuetify 

If you’re using Vue.js.2, we strongly recommend using Vuetify as this material component framework supports customization and provides 80 UI components. 

  • Quasar Framework

Lastly, we recommend the Quasar framework to help you build UI components for web-based, hybrid, and desktop applications. As you pick this framework, you get to enjoy over 120 UI components that bring endless capabilities to the table. 

For static websites 

In case you’re interested in developing static websites using VueJS, have a look at preferred frameworks. 

  • Vue Press 

Vue Press is the best-known static website generator framework that you can use to develop highly advanced and interactive interfaces for SPAs and single-page web applications. It helps you create pre-rendered HTML webpages and offers features like file compilation and multiple language support. 

  • Gridsome 

Gridsome is preferred because this is an open-source framework and supports Pre-cache, Push, and Render patterns. As far as features are concerned, it offers code splitting, automatic image compression, and easy connectivity with APIs. It connects seamlessly to the CMS tool and lets you handle a wide range of performance optimization activities. 

Not much of installation hassles are involved, and great routing facilities are enjoyed. 

For mobile development 

For those who are using VueJS for mobile-based development, these frameworks are the best. 

  • Vux 

Originally designed for WeChat, Vux is basically a UI component library that you can use in your mobile development projects. 

  • Onsen UI 

Try it when you’re developing mobile web apps and hybrid applications, as it’s easy to use, can help in building native apps, permits performance optimization, and is very easy to learn. 

  • Vue Native 

Use Vue Native to develop highly responsive and lightweight interfaces for mobile applications using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 

  • Mint UI 

With this, you enjoy a wide range of JavaScript and CSS components that are useful for developing highly interactive mobile applications. It supports customization and is very easy to use. 

For server-side rendering 

  • Nuxt.js 

Nuxt.js is an open-source VueJS framework that is best known for its speed and usability. Without much hassles, it lets you create versatile mobile apps, websites, PWAs, and static websites. It’s best when you need to develop server-side rendered apps. 

Which One Is Right For You?

As you can see, you have multiple choices to make when you pick VueJS for your projects. Each option sounds interesting and provides great features and facilities. But, you need to align your requirements with the offerings of these tools. This way, you will be able to have access to a framework that will assist you greatly and streamline the development. 

However, for someone having zero or very basic understanding of development processing, finding the right kind of VueJS framework is tough. The ideal way is to consult with an application development consultant, hire a VueJS developer, and discuss your development goals with them. 

Their professional expertise will help you find a perfect VueJS framework. Move ahead and use VueJS, as this is a great development resource to own in 2023 and beyond.