Top Best Clone Apps to Help You Balance the Personal and Professional Life

Cloning apps have made it easier for users to manage more than one account for different platforms. Taking the example of social media, separate apps are required for business and personal accounts to get seamless access. The default cloning feature provided by Android OS comes with limited apps.

Therefore, the user is forced to install 3rd party apps from the Play Store. You can get easily lost among the search results for the term “clone app” with numerous applications made for the same purpose.

To ease the process, we have listed the top 10 cloning apps to download for Android devices.

1. Parallel Space

This was the first app I ever installed for cloning applications. The popularity is still the same courtesy of its fantastic performance. You get to install a parallel version of any app you want, from game to utilities. The interface is simple and easy to understand.

The Incognito mode is a life-saver hiding the secret apps from your family and friends. You don’t have to downgrade settings for games. In addition, the customization offered is excellent for those who want to personalize the dashboard.

2. Multiple Accounts

Multiple Account is a light-weight alternative to the Parallel Space. You can clone almost every app on your device with no error or bugs. For the gamers, the option to link another Gmail account is available.


As mentioned above, Multiple Accounts is a storage efficient solution to clone apps. It takes only 6MB of space. Therefore, it is ideal for devices with little storage to spare.

3. Clone App

The developers have been relatively straight forward while naming the application. It does as the name suggests, clone apps. What makes this app different are the zero ads and some cool features. One such part is dynamic stickers you can send to your friends.

You get to use the application in dark mode to reduce the stress on the eyes. For secrecy, you can even change the icon of the applications. Apart from turning the theme black, different color options are also available.

4. Multi Parallel 

Why clone the app once, when you can have many versions of the same. As you might have guessed, Multi Parallel allows you to create many clones of a single app. Heaven for a serious Clash of Clan players with different accounts.

The approach of developers with this app may have been making it secure instead of offering numerous features. The app comes with a limited number of options to play with. However, the user can change icons or hide the application. Also, different authentication methods are available from a simple pin to a fingerprint.

5. Do Multiple Accounts

Do Multiple Accounts allows you to create multiple clones of a single app with a smooth in-app design. The user interface is neat and simple for the people who don’t fancy heavy applications. Switch app shortcut is available to simplify the use further.

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The primary security features are available that include hiding and locking the applications. You can create separate icon tags to identify different accounts quickly. The notification control for other apps is also available.

6. 2Accounts

Simple design and support for almost every app are what make 2Accounts one of the best applications for cloning. The gaming experience is superior to powerful performance. Also, this app will take very little storage of your device to keep your personal and professional life balanced.

Another great feature of this app is malware detection. It will notify you whenever a malware intrusion is detected. However, you need to buy the premium version of the app to get these advanced features. Don’t let the balance in your account dishearten you, pay for the app with a guaranteed loan for unemployed people.

7. Dr. Clone

Think of the annoyance while using an ad-supported parallel app alongside the clone app you used to make it. Dr. Clone is recommended for users who want an ad-free experience while using only the popular apps.

You can hide the applications and access them easily with Dr. Clone. Again, the drawback is the lack of support for many games and apps. However, the interface is excellent for freeware.

8. Parallel U

The best way to describe Parallel U is a clean app with all the essential features you want from a cloning application. Install it on your device, and you get your favorite applications cloned with no trouble.

Apart from the elegant user interface, the app is great for storage-efficiency. Your mobile won’t feel the extra load on the memory. Therefore, there would be no lag with the use of this application. However, support for many applications might be a problem worth considering other options.

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9. Dual Space

Dual space is another app that gets the job done without draining the resources of your Smartphone. The interface is designed for users who like to keep things simple. The support for significant apps and games is a big plus. Moreover, a lite version is available to reduce the load on the processor further.

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Other vital features include one-touch app switching and malicious virus warning. A privacy zone is provided to keep the apps hidden from the outside world.

To sum up, little difference in the features provided and the interface makes these apps quite different from each other.


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