A Scenic Road Trip From Mumbai to Pune

A refreshing boost of energy is how I would describe my trip from Mumbai to Pune. In the stretch between one metropolitan city and another, a range of treasure troves, tasty food, and exciting cultures thrive wonderfully! The beautiful landscapes accompanying you through the journey make sure to kick out the stresses of city life and give you a much-needed escape from reality. 

We started our road trip by booking a highly rated Mumbai to Pune cab service with an experienced local driver, a great choice that put us out of any hassle on the road. Instead of stressing about driving, we were able to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes. We traveled in November as the months of October-February tend to have the optimal climate that complements the sceneries perfectly! 

The route taken 

Out of the two routes generally taken, we opted for the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, also known as the Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway. This tolled, 6-lane expressway is heavenly with the landmarks it passes through, literally a feast for your eyes! This route is best suited for travel via car – we covered a distance of 148 km within 6 hours instead of the general three, owing to the various detours. The traffic would have extended our travel time even longer, but we managed to start at the right time to avoid such hassles. This was perfect for our short trip for a weekend plan! 

Sightseeing along the route

En route to Pune, we came across many hidden gems of the land. The city of Karnala is known for its beautiful collection of birds in the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, with a view of the vibrant birds and other amazing animals. This place was my personal favourite! Further, into the journey, we stopped at the most popular hill station of Maharashtra – Lonavala! Lonavala is a treasure trove with Bhaja Caves, the Tiger’s Leap Waterfall, Bhushi Dam, etc. We spent around 2 hours there trying to absorb as much as we could. The next gem we discovered was a perfect camping spot called Pawna Lake, which is breathtakingly beautiful! And since we went in winters, people were also barbecuing near the serene waters of the lake! The entire vibe was so joyous! 

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Food stops along the route

And the food! We mapped out all the restaurants along this expressway even before we looked for places to visit, lest we fail to explore the culinary gems of Maharashtra. Most of the top hotels were located in Lonavala, and first, we went to the famous Sheetal da Dhaba for its delicious Chicken Biryani and drool-worthy Gajar-ka-Halwa. Oh, what a treat we had after the trip to the Dams and Caves! After some time, when the craving for authentic Maharashtrian dishes arose, we headed straight to Homely Food Joshi‘s Sanatorium for some delicious Pohe and Thaalis. Finally, we couldn’t say no to La Boulangere Bakery’s desserts which gave us the perfect end to such a beautiful travel journey. 

After detouring for a long time, we reached Pune at last! Rightfully named the Queen of the Deccan, Pune is a gorgeous blend of modernism and rich cultural heritage. The weather is a bonus you won’t regret! As we landed in Hotel Sunderban, to crash after our long hours of travel and fun along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, we looked at the city excitedly, ready to explore some great locations and get washed away with the rich Maharashtrian heritage. 

To travel hassle-free from Mumbai-Pune, or other destinations in India, use a reliable cab booking app and sit back to enjoy the beauty that Indian landscapes have to offer! 

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