Reasons to Visit Costa Rica (and maybe stay forever)

When planning your vacation, Costa Rica is one of the world’s most bio-diverse countries; from the Caribbean coast on the East and the Pacific coast on the West, it has so much to offer. It is rugged, covered in rainforest, and flanked by extraordinary coastlines. Life in Costa Rica is relaxed and marked by spectacular natural beauty. It is a magical place that often doesn’t seem real. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should visit Costa Rica and potentially stay forever.

Warm Climate 

The moment you step of the plane, the tropical warmth in the air meets you, a feeling that makes you want to stay in a place forever. The warm climate, abundant culture, and wildlife will make you fall in love with this country. La Pura Vida (pure life), the unofficial slogan commenting on the country’s laid-back attitude, is abundant here and one of the main attractions to the place. Live la Pura Vida and let go of any expectations. The pace of life here is slow and steady, making Costa Ricans one of the happiest and healthiest cultures in the world.

Food and Culture

The country boasts a diverse culture of indigenous heritage and Spanish colonial influence, with Jamaican, Chinese, and German immigrant communities adding to the multifarious nature of the place. The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, but there are also a number of English-based Creole Jamaican languages, as well as Cantonese Chinese and a German Derivative called Plautdietsch. This is a nation of laid back, happy, and extremely friendly people.

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Yet, if you really want to get to know the culture of Costa Rica, you have to try its cuisine. Rice, black beans, coriander, and Lizano salsa are used heavily in foods all over the country. Gallo Pinto is a national dish and consists of rice and beans. This dish has a long history and is very important in many Latin American cultures. Found all over the country, this simple dish is hard to forget and wins the hearts of anyone who has been to Costa Rica.

Some of the Finest Beaches in the World 

Costa Rica has two rugged, beautiful coastlines home to some of the finest beaches in the world. Many who have traveled here will agree that the beaches in Northern Guanacaste are spectacular. From resort-type beaches to secluded bays, this area of the country has it all. Popular beaches are great for families who want the comforts of home, for example, Playas Del Coco, well known for scuba diving, and to the north Playa Hermosa, a typical cove beach lined with great bars, hotels, and restaurants. Many who visit the area never want to leave; it is the perfect location to settle down. Fortunately, you don’t have to. There are many homes for sale in Playa Hermosa. From ocean view and beachfront properties to single-story homes and elaborate two-story homes with three or more bedrooms not far from the coast, you can find the perfect home in paradise.

However, if you are looking to jump in your 4×4 and go off-road, Guanacaste also has many hidden gems. This volcano coastline takes seclusion and beauty to another level. Playa Iguanita, only 14 miles from the Libera International Airport, has crystal clear waters and dark sandy bays. A 4×4 is needed, but the journey and destination are worth the bumpy ride. It is the perfect swimming destination.

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Stay Forever 

The beauty and relaxed lifestyle of Costa Rica makes it an easy location to move to. Many travelers visit the country and never want to leave, and a visit to Costa Rica could make you the next person to feel the same way.


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