CBD to Treat Dog Seizures

When your pet is having seizures, it can be heart-wrenching seeing them in the midst of one. You want to help, but you feel so helpless. You may already know about the wonders of using CBD in humans, but did you know it can also be beneficial for your pet?

There are low toxicity concerns with CBD use in pets, and research has shown that giving CBD dog seizures can reduce the severity of the condition. 

CBD is Non-Intoxicating

Many people use CBD for their pets because they don’t want them getting high. The good news is that while cannabidiol can be an effective treatment, it doesn’t cause any intoxication.

CBD won’t get your pet high because it’s not psychoactive- so you can use this to manage their seizures without worrying about getting them high.

Many anti-seizure medications often come with a host of side effects that owners worry about (and sometimes they have to choose between treating the seizures and dealing with the side effects). One of the vast benefits of using CBD for dog seizures is that it doesn’t seem to have any negative consequences.

CBD Reduces Seizure Frequency

In a study, researchers looked at how CBD can help reduce seizure frequency in epileptic dogs. They found that out of the dogs treated with CBD, 70 percent experienced fewer seizures.

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This number was even higher- The Great Pyrenees (an enormous mountain dog) had a seizure frequency reduction rate of 100%. That’s incredible.

CBD Makes Medications for Seizures More Effective

If you’re dealing with persistent seizures, the first line of defense against them should be medication. CBD can make these medications more effective for your pet.

In another study, alleviating seizures with medication was compared to treating with a combination of CBD and the anti-seizure drug. The group given both meds had lower rates of severe seizures than the group on meds alone.

The Seizure-Reducing Benefits of CBD are Big

There is an overwhelming amount of CBD-based research evidence surrounding the seizure-reducing benefits, but did you know just how big they are?

For some people, they can reduce the number of seizures their pet has by over 90 percent. In another study, using CBD for seizures resulted in a 96% reduction of seizures. The effect may vary depending on your pet, so consult a vet before administering any dosage. 

How to Use CBD for Seizures in Dogs

Use CBD with a tincture- although this method involves giving your pet medicine orally, there are specific ways to make it easy.

The most significant benefit is that CBD oil is a fast-acting treatment. So for pets that experience persistent seizures, it can stop them in their tracks within minutes of administering the medication.

Administering CBD Tincture

To administer CBD tincture to your pet, you place a few drops of CBD oil under their tongue. The tincture will absorb sublingually (under the tongue), and you’ll see results within a short time.

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This method is preferred because it has a higher bioavailability rate than other methods- which means more of the CBD gets to your pet’s bloodstream.

If your pet doesn’t like the taste of CBD oil, you can add it to their food. You should store the CBD oil in the refrigerator to give it an excellent flavor and ensure that your pet swallows it.

Where to Buy CBD Oil for Dogs

To purchase CBD oil for dogs, check online retailers as well as pet supply stores. You’ll be able to find quality CBD oil at reasonable prices, and you can even buy it in bulk if you have multiple pets to treat.

As always, when purchasing medicine for your pet, make sure the seller is reputable- when in doubt, check online reviews about the seller’s products and services.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned before, CBD oil has very few side effects. This is why it’s often considered an excellent alternative to pharmaceuticals- but of course, you should always check with your vet if they agree.


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