YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms around right now. YouTube has a vast reach, and any musician or artist looking to promote their music would do well to use it. However, there’s more to being an artist with a YouTube channel than just using the platform to post music videos. To make the most of YouTube as an artist, here are some pointers.

Have a Professional and Verified YouTube Channel

An official YouTube channel gives an air of importance to what will be posted on the channel. The blue tick is respected on YouTube just as much as on Twitter, Instagram, and any other suicidal media. Potential fans would be more attracted to an account that is verified, and so will prospective sponsors, business partners, and other artists.Add the links to accounts on any other platforms, your music website, social media as well as any links to new releases. In addition, the titles and video descriptions of any uploads should contain keywords that will make the video more visible, and adding relevant tags with keywords will also make content more visible on the general platform.

For any fish content to be taken seriously, it must be HD quality of at least 720p or 1080p. If possible, even content as high as 4k content should be available because people would enjoy higher resolution. The thumbnail of any upload is the first thing users will see, so it should be colorful and attractive without being provocative or too flashy or take to maintain that professional and official image for the channel.

It’s essential to be consistent in uploading video content. Uploading consistently will convince regular visitors to the channel to subscribe permanently. Active channels pull in more fans and subscribers.

Be Versatile

Even as the main objective of having a YouTube channel as an artist is to upload music videos, having more content than only music videos will make the channel more attractive to viewers and attract more attention. Other kinds of video content speed by YouTube that will increase the popularity is a music channel is live streams and vlogs, short clips of studio and recording sessions. Lyric videos of previous releases, behind-the-scenes content of the process of producing a song or the making of a live show, response videos and interactive question and answer sessions with fans, and so on. Content like this will keep fans coming back and draw in many subscribers.

Take Advantage of YouTube Search Engine Optimization

Using YouTube’s inbuilt search engine optimization feature will increase the number of views on your channel. The search engine optimization feature uses frequently searched phrases and words. The purpose is to help tailor the titles of any uploads on the channel to words and phrases that are most likely to be searched so that the uploads will be more likely to show up at the top. It also helps to prevent the possibility of uploading any content with a title shared with other more popular content, as this will make the uploads more obscure and harder to find.

Search Engine Optimization also helps take advantage of what’s trending on YouTube in general to tailor any content you upload to the more popular trends.In addition, Search Engine Optimization gives access to analytics, which is basically monitoring the traffic your channel gets to give an idea of the demographics of the people watching uploads, subscribing to the channel, where they are watching from, how often and how long they watch for and so on. This data can be used to figure out what content is most appealing to the channel’s audience to create future content accordingly.Improve Visibility By Using YouTube Ads

YouTube had one of the most comprehensive advertisement systems of any social media platform. YouTube ads are very customizable and can be placed in different places, such as ads that are already directly on the YouTube home page, ads that play before, during, and after a video, and ads that pop up when an associated keyword is typed into the search bar.


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