A Guide: How to Solve Slow Growth on Instagram

Are you a someone who markets and promotes on Instagram but doesn’t seem to gain much from doing this? Do you want to know what you should be doing to solve slow growth on Instagram?

Over the past decade or so, Instagram has become one of the most successful social media platforms around and now reaches over a 2 billion active users every month. It has also become a very popular choice among businesses and brands because of just how much it has to offer. 

With that said, it is not easy to grow on Instagram, especially if you don’t really know what you’re doing. So, you can either use the best site to buy Instagram followers, or you can use the tips below to solve slow growth on Instagram. 

Hashtag Misuse 

When it comes to slow or no growth at all, one of the biggest problems that you could be running into is the misuse of hashtags. Hashtags are one of the most powerful tools that one can use on Instagram, especially as a business or a brand. However, it is incredibly easy to misuse hashtags or not understand how to use them. 

Hashtags allow you to reach specific audiences through specific keywords, so many people are under the impression that if they just choose the most popular hashtags, their content will reach more people, and they will then grow their accounts. But this isn’t really how this works. When using hashtags, you need to be strategic and focus on keywords that really matter to your brand. 

Saturated Niches 

If you are new to Instagram and still figuring out what you want to do, another common mistake you can easily make is to try to make your way into a niche that is incredibly saturated or full of other people posting the exact same content.

While the niche could be incredibly popular and have many creators, this could actually be seen as a bad thing because it is less likely that your content will be seen among the crowds. When choosing a niche, you want to choose something that you’re interested in and something that is not necessarily the most popular niche on the platform.

Posting Frequency 

The frequency of your posting schedule or how often you tend to post on the platform will also be a great indicator of how much you will grow and how many people your content will reach. Your posting frequency matters quite a lot, and having a more active account is better than having one that is just active once or twice a week.

You should make sure that you’re posting regularly, at least once a day, and make sure that when you are posting, it is the times when your followers are most active. You should also pay attention to what kind of content gets the most attention and how people engage with it.

Posting frequently and consistently is by far one of the best ways to gain more followers and get more attention to your profile. You can even make a posting schedule to make this process easier and more time-efficient.

Not Using CTAs 

Last but not least, the final way to solve your little or no growth on Instagram is by making sure that you use CTAs or calls to action. A call to action is relatively new within the social media world and is essentially implying an instruction for your followers or audience to follow.

A call to action could be stating in your comments that people should follow you and like your content. It could also be a button in your bio that says “email us” or anything of the sort. By giving an instruction, people are more likely to follow it and engage with your content and profile.


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