How to pair your art with the perfect frame

We encourage you to say goodbye to naked walls and enhance them with beautiful artwork displays, whether your own or sourced from other artists. Artwork and the use of A3 frames are the perfect way to compliment your space without having to re-work its structure too much. Decorating your walls this way allows you to keep your home’s personality just the way you bought it – if that’s your goal. 

When introducing artwork, we must remember that it’s not just about the piece we buy; it’s also about the frame we pair with it. In some instances, it’s more about the frame than the artwork itself; in others, we look for a frame that avoids taking away the artwork’s light for itself. Deciding what frame is best to pair with your art can be easy if you know what you’re looking for. However, we understand that there is a vast selection available from A3 frames to A5 frames and black frames to gold frames and more. 

Below we discuss a few points to consider when searching for the perfect frame.


The first and most important thing you will need to consider when getting a frame for your artwork is the size and that your art fits comfortably within it. Now, when considering the size of your frame, your art doesn’t necessarily have to stretch from one corner to the next. For example, you could get an A3 frame and place an A5 piece of artwork within it if you want to achieve the thick border look. 

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The colour of your frame should be decided with your current decor in mind. Do you want this particular piece of art to stand out from the rest of this room? Then you choose something bolder. Are you looking for something to blend seamlessly into the rest of your decor? Search for the perfect colour match to the wall behind it or surrounding it. To create a more symmetrical look, start pairing your frames together using the same colour and size. 

Stand Alone Piece Or A Picture Gallery?

Consider the positioning of your new piece. Is this frame going to be standing or hanging alone? Or are you introducing it to a picture gallery? 

If you are hanging this frame alone, you could perhaps choose something bolder and make a statement with it. As it won’t have any surrounding prints (for the time being), there is room for this frame to flourish and use as much space as it wishes.

However, suppose you are contemplating adding this new piece of art to a picture gallery. In that case, you will, of course, need to consider the size and colour. As it will likely be slotting into or around several other pieces, it would be a good idea to test the frame sizing using a piece of paper as a template. 

What Room Will It Be Placed in?

When choosing the perfect frame for your art, you should think about the room you are planning on placing it, its vibe and the overall mood you’re trying to create. Going back to the colour you choose, here it will also apply. We recommend considering every element within this room to help decide your frame choice. If you’re adding this to your bathroom, you could use a metal frame. By doing this, you are avoiding ruin from the moisture produced in this room. If you are adding a new frame to the living room, you could branch out in the direction of something more delicate.

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Does This Frame Need To Adapt To Your Seasonal Decor? 

Do you switch around your decor as we move through the different seasons? If yes, you should consider a frame that works in multiple rooms across different seasons. Doing this will give you a frame that can be used timelessly around your home. There’s nothing worse than buying something that is not timeless against your decorative style. 

To Conclude

Buying the perfect frame for your art can be simple when considering the above pointers. We recommend that you try different size frames using paper templates in your home to decide on the perfect frame. From here, the decorative style is your choice. Remember to combine all the elements of the room you wish to place it, the artwork itself and whether or not the frame will be a timeless addition to your home. 



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