How to find the perfect frame for your face shape

Accessories make your whole look. Since your face is the first thing that people notice, any facial accessory can make an impression on the onlookers. And what is a more prominent accessory for the face than eyeglasses?

Some people need glasses to see better while some people choose to wear fake frames to look better. No matter what you use them for, your eyewear is a huge part of your look which you must get right.

When picking frames, you need to keep a few things in mind and the most important among those is your face shape. If you don’t know what frames are made for your facial structure, this blog is for you. Stick to the end to find your perfect frame.

What is your face shape?

You need to know what your face shape is to get the right pair of glasses. If you do, skip this part. But if you don’t listen to us carefully.

You won’t be able to determine your face shape with all that hair falling down your face. So, pull your hair back so your entire face is exposed. Now take a good look in the mirror. We are looking for angles and curves.

  • If your face has curved lines with the length and width being similar, you have a round face.
  • If you have a broad forehead and strong jawline and straight side profiles, you have a square face.
  • If the top third part of your face is broader than the bottom third and you have full cheekbones, you have a heart-shaped face.
  • If the forehead and jawline are narrow with your cheeks being the broadest part of your face, it’s a diamond shape.
  • If the length of your face is greater than 1.5 times the width with straight cheek lines, you have an oblong face shape.
  • If your face has both angles and curves with the length and width being in perfect proportions, you have an oval face.
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Glasses for your face shape

To find a frame that highlights your best features and alter your face shape so the features look perfectly balanced, read below.

Glasses for a round face

Since your face has more curves, you could use some lines and angles. Square or rectangular silhouettes are the best to give an edge to your soft profile and balance it out. Cat-eye glasses for women are also a good choice as the upswept top rim will create an illusion of width.

Glasses for a square face

You already have angles and the last thing you want is to wear angular frames. Round or oval glasses are perfect to tone down your sharp features. If you wish for a more confident look, teardrop-shaped aviators are the next best thing you can get.

Glasses for a diamond face

This is one of the rarest face shapes but there are a handful of frame styles out there for you. To soften your high and defined cheekbones, go for glasses that highlight your forehead. Distinctive browline glasses for men and women with detailing on the top rim work as the best statement accessory. You may as well choose classic cat-eye frames or unobtrusive rimless glasses.

Glasses for a heart-shaped face

Just about any frame will accentuate your face as long as it is broader than your pronounced cheekbones. Angular frames that are wide at the top will act as a contour and look stunning on your face. Round or circular glasses are also a nice option if you wish for a softer appearance.

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Glasses for an oblong face

Since your face is visibly long, you need glasses that add depth to your face. Glasses with distinctive temple arms or stones and embellishments on the hinges are perfect for your face shape. Don’t go for oval frames though as they make your face appear extra long.

If you are in a hurry and want these glasses ASAP, there are online retailers in the UK that give next day glasses delivery. They deliver your glasses in just one business day so you never bothered about eyewear emergencies.

Glasses for an oval face

As your natural symmetry is perfectly balanced, you can try any frame that pleases your eye. However, don’t go for overtly circular or round silhouettes if you don’t want to lose the balance. Try transparent glasses for an understated and modern look.

Creating a perfect look with glasses is easy. You just have to know your face shape and what works with it. Use this guide to buy glasses that bring out your best facial features.


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