7 Ways to Use Live Streams to Increase Your Reach

Instagram’s entry into the live streaming arena with Instagram Live has catapulted live streaming into the mainstream. Regardless of the fact that live streaming platforms had been available for years, most brands were not taking advantage of the power of live streaming — even if they had already completely embraced the usage of video.

That is starting to change now. Businesses and influencers are realizing the value of live streaming: more views, more engagement, and, most importantly, higher quality engagement.

Whether you’ve been live streaming for years or are new to the scene, there are numerous methods to increase your company’s reach with this fantastic tool. We’ve broken down seven simple strategies to use live streaming to boost your brand’s reach in this article.

1. Live Interviews

If you promote live interviews well in advance, create excitement around the event, and conduct an interview with a famous figure in your field, you’ll undoubtedly improve brand awareness and attract more people to your Instagram account.


  • Increases interactivity: Any live interview can be enhanced by questions from the audience in the live broadcast’s comment section.
  • Stackable: You can add an extra element, such as a flash sale, to a live interview. Because of the fear of being left out and the sense of urgency, this approach may result in a large number of conversions.
  • Increases exposure: By multistreaming the interview, you can double the extensive result far more, thanks to content distribution networks out there.
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2. Live Q&A

“Ask me anything,” “A fireside chat,” “Q&A:” whatever you want to call it, this form of video stream requires only a modest studio, a camera, and, ideally, an experienced host. 

Inviting a company’s CEO or a host who can rescue an interview if something goes awry, such as a bland or pushy visitor, is a good idea. Live Q&A sessions are beneficial to any brand in any industry.


  • An effective strategy for generating leads
  • A fantastic engagement enhancer
  • Assists a brand in making stronger relationships with its target demographic
  • An excellent approach to share your knowledge on a subject
  • Helps to sell, educate, and entertain

However, if you are a newbie, and are concerned that you wouldn’t have many followers for the live Q&A session, utilize MegaFamous to acquire premium followers, likes, and views that are processed promptly and delivered to your account within an hour. The plans from MegaFamous are tailored to meet whatever budget you may have. They can execute orders quickly in order to cater to the requirements of the clients.

3. Live Behind the Scenes


Behind-the-scenes videos are well-known for attracting a considerably larger audience than almost any brand-related media. This form of the film will increase your visitors, create a far deeper degree of connection, and show the real people behind the company name and emblem.


  • An audience-expansion tool.
  • The strategy is really participatory; it creates a community around the brand.
  • Opportunity to highlight the project’s team.
  • Provides the brand on the display a “human face.”

4. Live Streaming an Offline Event

As per statistics, despite entering the market in 2015, live streaming marketing is still underutilized, particularly in conjunction with real conferences and symposia. The most obvious explanation is that this business area frequently flips around ticket sales by enticing its online customers to attend various summits.

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  • A physical event is moved to a virtual venue.
  • Allows for the monetization of previously untapped groups; creates buzz around the event
  • All of the engagement, comments, and shares on Instagram help to build a community.

5. Live Coverage of the Competition

Some businesses spend a lot of money on their live audience in the hopes of attracting larger digital audiences later on. Doesn’t that make sense? Well, it does for a lot of businesses. By hosting a live competition or contest, companies not only gain a lot of visitors during the show but also a lot of talks afterward!  


  • Increases brand recognition.
  • Increases the number of views.
  • Attracts more customers and re-engages the old ones.
  • Clever method of promoting a new product or service.

6. Accept Both Spontaneity and Planning

While you want to be certain you’re equipped enough to provide your viewers with an excellent experience, you also wouldn’t want to lose the charm of going live by over-producing.

When it pertains to preparation, you should ensure that you have a robust, dependable internet connection. You must ensure that the site from which you are streaming is accessible and clean. You should also have a broad notion of what you want to express to your audience.

On the subject of spontaneity, you should allow yourself enough leeway to pivot or change course if a terrific chance presents itself.

7. Take Full Advantage of the Urgency Created by Live Streaming

Live broadcasting generates a sense of urgency and responsiveness that is difficult to mimic in the world of social media. This provides a significant benefit over uploaded video in that people feel compelled to tune in immediately – not in an hour, a day, or whenever they think of your brand again.

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This suggests you may engage with viewers on a deeper level and capture visitors who wouldn’t be intrigued enough to check on a video but wouldn’t want to miss out on what’s occurring in real-time.

To Wrap Up

Anything that adds an aspect of fun and skill to your live broadcast will help boost your viewers’ pleasure of it, which would help you maintain the viewers you now have as well as get new ones.

Today, Steameast live streaming presents an opportunity to set your own live media broadcast, which will help to promote and disseminate interest in your brand or organization. This marketing niche is not yet overdone, and it makes use of an evergreen technology: video. It provides unprecedented levels of involvement and interaction. Companies in high-competition industries are fast adopting live streaming in order to stay ahead of the competition.


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