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The social media platform that became popular after Facebook is Instagram. Instagram’s purpose is to become a platform that brings people closer to the people and things that they love the most. Most people are finding much more entertainment on Instagram than on other platforms. Anyone with an Instagram handle can create content and share it with their friends. 

Using its different features, people can express themselves better with incredible Instagram story ideas. If you are a brand selling particular products or services, it is easy to advertise your offerings as well. Instagram also helps you reach a larger number of people through this platform. It is very easy to create videos on Instagram using their inbuilt editing and creating tools. Anyone can create videos and advertise their products easily with Instagram. 

Instagram recently added a new short video feature called Reels. Many small companies and individual business owners are using this feature to promote their brand. Reels have a larger reach than the other video formats on Instagram. This is because they are shorter and more entertaining. Several other features include stories, shopping, messenger, and search & explore. Using all these features, business owners can connect with their potential customers. They can also use Instagram as a bridge to lead their audience to their e-commerce websites using Call-to-Action (CTAs). 

There are several reasons for using video marketing on Instagram. In this article, we discuss 5 of these reasons below:

  • Plenty of Customers:

Enormous volumes of customers use Instagram every day to entertain themselves. People spent lots of time on the Explore tab, and brands are getting discovered through these videos. These videos include stories, feed posts, IGTV videos, and Reels. Once they create Instagram post ideas, the brands can start attracting customers through their videos. There are several online video makers like InVideo with which anyone with basic to advanced video editing skills can create quality video content. Audiences prefer watching these high-quality entertaining videos, through which they can explore the brand’s profile and connect with them to buy the product. It is easier for brands to get discovered and receive more likes and shares on Instagram. Customers from all over the world can access the contents of your brand’s social media page. Brands can also find it very easy to describe their products using videos. Thus, most brands prefer video marketing strategies including older and newer ones.

  • Instagram Videos are Fun:
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Videos are entertaining in any form. Consumers love watching videos to entertain themselves. Videos are considered the favourite type of the content. Annual surveys conclude every year that the volume of purchases through this platform is always growing. This is because of the variety of videos that the platform offers. It was also seen that customers love watching their preferred form or genre of content more than anything else. Out of all the forms of videos, most Instagram users are hooked to watching Reels more than any other form of videos. Using several filters and background music, brands can make sure that their videos can stand out from the rest. From these surveys, we can conclude that video is the winner when it comes to content. Instagram videos can also be made using online video makers to create impressive, professional-looking videos in minutes.

  • Connecting with Customers:

Customers usually connect better with the brands after they have watched their video content. It has been observed that people’s interest in buying a product usually arises after watching Reels about the said brand or product. A majority of the total Instagram users actually like to watch the video ads and follow the CTA. Besides, clicking on the CTA on stories is effortless too. Also, most of the brands selling their products on Instagram are not large, faceless corporate organizations, but rather, are smaller businesses that value their customer’s needs. It is very easy today for a person to view a promotional video by a brand and then connect with the brand through messenger. After that, it is effortless to buy the products through online payments. An added benefit of having a personal connection with your audience is that one can customize the products being sold. Once a connection has been made, the customer can express their thoughts with the brands and receive customized products and services. The more engaging your videos will be, the better your profits. Most of these brands also do not have a third party or a middle-person to sell their products. Because of these added advantages, the prices of the products are also affordable.

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  • Maximum Engagement:

Recent studies have proved that videos on Instagram receive twice more interactions than other forms of content, such as photos. This is because of the variety of lengths of videos that are entertaining to watch. Moreover, shorter videos satisfy the brief attention span that the Instagram users have these days. To make sure that your content stands out from the rest of the crowd, you must adopt a sound video marketing strategy for your brand on Instagram. Even those buyers who love procrastination can engage with your brand through videos, because they are very easy to watch and consume. On the contrary, reading long passages of text needs time and patience, which today’s consumers rarely have. Thus, brands can easily engage a vast audience by creating videos with different Instagram video lengths. These can be created or edited using online video makers.

  • Videos are suitable on news feeds:

The largest customer base of any brand is usually affected by the social media content of that brand. Buying decisions become much easier with the right type of content. Most customers today check the feed of the brand before they buy any product. Interestingly, they also search for other options to buy. That is why representing a proper feed for your brand is very important. Instagram allows brands to include various types of content, which makes it easier to influence potential customers. The brands can also use hashtags along with the right captions to reach more consumers. Brands can also tag potential clients in their videos, since tagging several profiles can help the content reach more people. Moreover, videos are a more efficient way to describe the product than through text. 

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Video marketing strategies are adopted by almost all the brands these days. To reach a larger audience, video contents are preferred to textual content. A good video marketing strategy can help increase conversions and sales. Moreover, smartphone users seem to find video content more appealing than text.

Great ROI can be traced to a great video marketing strategy. In addition, trust is built through these videos as several customers often review the products they bought, which helps promote the brand through organic word-of-mouth marketing.