6 Essentials When Hosting a Holiday Party

Holiday parties are some of the most anticipated events of the year, and they have the potential to show the personality of the host as well as bring people together to create amazing memories. If this is your first time hosting a holiday party, there is no need to worry. There are many ways to showcase your party style while also making sure everyone is happy. Consider the following six essentials when hosting a holiday party.

A Wine Decanter (Or Two)

While it is perfectly fine to let a bottle breathe and let your guests see the label from your favorite winery in Summersville, WV, a wine decanter is the perfect showcase for your wine, and can also serve as a conversation starter. Another benefit of a wine decanter is that it shows the wine level, so you can easily refill it before it runs out. If you are hosting a larger gathering, you might want to get multiple decanters and set them in the areas of the house that have the most people gathering in them.

A Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are a holiday party staple, and serve as one of the ways that you can let your personality shine as a host, from the board you choose to the selection of goodies that you put on it. If you are hosting a smaller gathering, the average size charcuterie board will be perfect for your party. However, if you are having a larger gathering, it would be wise to invest in a charcuterie board that has the capability of expanding so you can feed a larger group of people.

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Eye-Catching Photo Ops

A holiday party is a natural environment for a lot of photos, whether they are selfies or group pictures. As a host, you want to provide a lot of photo opportunities for your guests, whether they be a lot of colorful backdrops with props, or a breathtaking scene made right in your backyard. Be sure to incorporate the theme of the party wherever you can to accentuate the novelty of the experience.

Power Strips

There is no way that the outlets in your house can take on all of the power needed to successfully run a holiday party, especially if you have a lot of guests that need to charge their devices. Thankfully, power strips are the perfect solution. Identify key outlets that you will need to use for your own equipment, such as music and lights, then set up a charging station so your guests have somewhere to put their devices.

A Coat Rack

Holiday parties often occur during the coldest months of the year, so it is a good idea to have a coat rack ready so your guests are not just leaving their coats all over the house. If it tends to rain around the holidays in your area, you can invest in a combination coat and umbrella rack. To make things easier, you can make or purchase tickets that come in pairs so you can rip them in half, give one half to the guests and put the other half in their coat pockets so they can find their coats without having to make a mess or accidentally take someone else’s coat.

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Party Favors

While not every party needs them, holiday parties require a little extra pizzazz. You can easily achieve this by giving your guests party favors wrapped in cute or novelty packaging. Unfortunately, since there are some guests who tend to take multiple favors, you might want to make extra favor boxes and put them out of sight. Alternatively, if you intend to exchange gifts at your holiday party, you can eliminate the favors and just have your friends and family members find their gifts at the base of a tree on their way out.

As the host of a holiday party, you have a lot of moving parts to deal with. It takes a lot of work to keep things flowing smoothly, but there are also a lot of things you can get to help you with the process. Keep these essentials in mind the next time you plan a holiday party and consider how much they can help you keep your guests happy from the time they arrive to the time the final guest closes your door on the way out.


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