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There are many critics of the gaming industry but it can also be used to help people. That’s been the case in Parma where electronic instant bingo machines are helping to raise funds for the American Legion Post 572 and several hundred other local charities.

Who knew that trying to get a full house could help so many people? It’s all been possible because the Ohio Attorney General has granted the Parma post of the American Legion a license allowing them to operate electronic bingo machines. At present, there are eight states that use electronic bingo to raise money for charities, the US gambling aggregator Ohio.Bet reported.

E-bingo as it’s known has become extremely popular in recent years. It shows how gaming can be used for low-risk entertainment. Members of veteran’s clubs and fraternal organizations love playing the games and it’s doing wonders for the funds of local charities.

Whether it be emergency shelters, senior centers, youth programs or fire departments, they are all being helped. At least a quarter of the revenue earned by charitable gaming is donated to charity.

Organizations are always looking for new ways of raising funds, particularly when the economy isn’t going so well.  Bill Makowski knows that only too well as he’s the Finance Officer for American Legion post 572. He sees the E-Bingo machines as “simply a modern form of the pop open tabs and paper bingo our patrons have been playing for years.” 

Why have they been such a success with their members? Mr. Makowski says it is because they are “more attractive, engaging, entertaining, and when people play, we all win.” It’s far better than going to a local casino and so different from online gambling.

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The funds being raised are just part of the donations that the Parma American Legion makes each year. Annually, they donate over $35,000 to veterans’ charities, food pantries, local schools and homeless shelters.

.For those who play the E-Bingo machines there’s great satisfaction in knowing they are helping charities. One of those players is Gail Wunderle, it’s a feeling that is both “good” and “heartwarming.”

Arrow International Inc. has played a major role in helping the American Legion post 572. They are based in Ohio and their business is to both manufacture and distributes charitable and social gaming products. They don’t just supply the machines but install them too. 

Their COO is John Gallagher III and he’s proud of the work of Arrow Entertainment. He believes they have “raised the standards” for charitable gaming in the state of Ohio. That’s because they have a “deep-rooted commitment” to helping provide hundreds of philanthropic organizations in Ohio that use gaming to raise much-needed funds.

It was over 50 years ago that a World War II veteran founded Arrow Entertainment. That’s why helping charities that give support to veterans is particularly important to them.

E-Bingo machines are playing an important role in achieving this aim. They have proved popular with all ages, especially younger players. The funds being raised are, says Mr. Gallagher, “creating a more stable funding source for support for veterans and other charitable and community programs.”

On average, the charitable gaming products supplied by Arrow International raise $70m a year in the state of Ohio. They operate around the world and in total raise over $1.5bn a year for charities. 

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