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Being an entrepreneur in the business world is unlike any other occupation in the world. There is always tons of pressure of responsibility on the company and its employees to keep themselves on top of everything. 

For an entrepreneur, it can get tough to manage all the aspects of a business all by himself and that too in an effective manner. Especially in the case of small businesses, it can take forever until your business gets recognized. 

Then shall one just sit and wait for his hard work to pay off some time in the future? No, definitely not. If you want to stay head to head with your business competitors, consider these 5 must-try tools for your start-up or company.  


Traackr is one of the tools that is used for influencer marketing. With the growing technology and social media, things like social media marketing and influencer marketing are getting popular day by day. So, keeping up with the updates and trends while enhancing business ideas is the best way to move forward. 

A tool like a tracker helps you to find beneficial media influencers that will match your business and help you make amazing deals. It is nothing but an advanced search engine that is designed to help businesses meet suitable influencers for marketing purposes. You can use this tool to promote your business on social media and also promote your social media presence. 


Visually is a tool that helps to craft your website content in a pleasing and aesthetic manner. When we speak of content, it is important that the content we deliver meets the industry standards so as to stand out. And this tool helps to compare your content to industry standards and help make it better. 

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With the help of this tool, you can make your content look appealing. Visually helps you to make infographics, charts, helps create animated promotional videos, helps simplify the social media content production, and much more. With so many easy to craft options you can surely do better with your content when you have such a tool. 


As we speak of advancing technology, it becomes unfair if we don’t talk about augmented reality and virtual reality. These are a couple of things that technology has brought to us that can be easily incorporated into our businesses with the help of tools like InstaVR. This tool is designed to help implement technologies like these in business to make things better. 

InstaVR helps you to create things like stereoscopic panoramic images, AR features, helps learn about VR campaigns, also helps in developing a standalone VR app, and more such things. However, the most important thing is that you don’t need to know any complex coding to create these things. This is a web-based tool that is easy to use and helps create things easily and quickly. 

Digital Business Card Tool

Now, when we talk about marketing and promoting, a business card is the most basic means of doing so. So, as we walk with advancing technology, getting a digital business card is one of the best deals. You can create your digital business card or you may call it an electronic business card on a tool pretty easily. 

As the business card is virtual, you don’t have to worry about the space available. You can use your own creativity with the options of adding photos, images, OR codes, social media handles, and much more. Editing these cards also becomes easy and customization is pretty simple as well. Digital business cards can be a great alternative to traditional paper cards in today’s time. 

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Canva is an editor which helps you create amazing posts, blog banners, small GIFs, YouTube Thumbnails, and much more. You can say that you will get an appropriate template for any post or banner you want to create on Canva. For someone who wants to promote their business and is into marketing, this tool is one of the perfect and best options for pick and drop editing and creation. 

One of the best features you can avail yourself of in Canva is that not just one person but your entire team can access the tool with a ‘Studio’ feature. This makes it easier for multiple people to work together. In short, this is one of the tools that an entrepreneur must surely consider investing in. 

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