How to enjoy coffee in the best way

Coffee is an international beverage that can bring several people together. Yet, it wouldn’t be a lie. Still, even today coffee hasn’t gotten its due coffee trends. Why? Well, the reason is that most countries still use low-quality beans. Using them means that your brew will not make a decadent cup of coffee.

To enjoy a good cup of java in the morning, you need to brew it well and use better quality beans. Moreover, knowledge of what you are brewing and how to brew it correctly is equally imperative. For instance, if you are brewing a flat white, you should know the ratio of espresso to milk and what beans to use. If you don’t know all this, you cannot enjoy flat white in its truest sense.

Similarly, if you enjoy coffee pods, make sure you get the correct machine. And use quality pods. In this blog, we are discussing a few ways to enjoy coffee in the best way.

Know the best time to drink coffee

 Drinking coffee straight out of the best may make you feel good at the moment, but it is not. You can enjoy the coffee, but you will not enjoy its effects till late. Thus, it is better to drink water first, have something to eat, and then enjoy your coffee and a bit of ‘me time. You can enjoy it with your breakfast.

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Also, there are times when our body produces too much cortisol. It is a stress hormone. When the body is producing too much cortisol, drinking coffee doesn’t bode well for your body. So, if you want to enjoy coffee, avoid drinking it at these times:

  •       8-9 am
  •       12-1 pm
  •       5:30-6:30pm

These are peak times for cortisol production. It will increase your anxiety levels, and you will not be able to enjoy the coffee.

Use quality beans from local roasters

 Pre-ground and packaged coffee isn’t a trademark for quality coffee. To relish coffee, you need to buy coffee beans that are organic and have the highest quality. The best way to do this is to look for local roasters. If they can tell you from where the coffee is, it is a sign that the coffee beans are good. Also, look online for local roasters. You can subscribe to them and get fresh coffee beans at your doorstep.

Don’t add extra sugar or milk

Espresso is quite strong and bitter, and not everyone can stomach it. Thus, adding milk to dilute it and relishing an occasional latte or cappuccino is not a bad idea. However, to truly enjoy the flavor of coffee, you should drink filter coffee. In this, you can taste the flavors of the beans, and the bitterness is not too intense. If you wish to add milk or sugar, there is no reason to stop. Just remember to keep it to the minimum. If you overload the coffee with these two things, it just takes away the flavor of the coffee. Those café drinks with whipped cream, milk, and flavorings are not the best way to appreciate coffee.

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 Drink small cups of coffee throughout the day

Instead of gulping a big mug of coffee in the morning, opt for smaller ones throughout the day. It is inviting as you may think that you will be getting the best caffeine kick from it. Yet, that is not true.

If you truly want to enjoy coffee, drink smaller cups. Go for 2-3 cups of coffee in intervals, and you will appreciate the fineness of coffee better.

Practice and experiment

 To find the best coffee that you can relish at all times, you will have to be patient. It is because when you go to the café, the barista has experience. They also have the best coffee beans, and knowledge to brew them correctly. When you start brewing coffee at home, you are still learning about everything. So, do not be afraid to experiment. Try different beans and brewing methods. With time & practice, you will find the perfect cup that you can enjoy at all times.

Brewing coffee is both science and art. If you get both parts right, the brew will undoubtedly be the best and delicious.

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