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Over the past few years, working from home and establishing virtual offices for business has become quite the norm. And why shouldn’t it be, because virtually registered businesses boast several advantages covering cost-effectiveness to flexibility?

However, a real street address shouldn’t be confused with your home address or PO box as it refers to a physical mailing address.

To explore the meaning of a virtual office, its registration, and its impact on your company, this article will serve you as a perfect guide.

What is a Virtual Business Address?

 A virtual mailing address is a real location where a third party is certified to receive your mails and packages on your behalf. That means you can technically visit your virtual office but it’s not an actual office where you work. Furthermore, this third party or virtual address lets you manage your emails anywhere in the world.

Depending on the package you have bought you can enjoy other services like organizing mail items and scanned documents into folders. And some even provide meeting rooms by the hour.

That way, you are protected from paying the rent of a full-scale building while keeping your residential address private.

How a virtual office can be used to register a business:

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs have this misconception that they have to lease a fancy building in the best part of the town to start their company.

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While it’s true that you need to have a professional image to boost your company sales, spending hefty amounts on an expensive office and its equipment is not the best option.

A virtual office usually costs around 10$ – 50$ which is super budget-friendly and some of the services to look for include:

  • Registered office address and a business address
  • Mail handling, scanning, and forwarding
  • Conference facilities and meeting room hire
  • Business telephone numbers and administrative support
  • A reception desk service

Registering your business to a virtual office can be easily done in five simple steps:

  • Look for a Business support platform
  • Choose your desired office by typing in your state or town
  • Pick the right plan for your needs
  • To purchase the deal, place your order
  • Lastly, complete your US postal form 1583

Once you are done registering your business, it will be viewable and accessible by the public and the same address will be used for company paperwork and online documentation.

What to look for at a virtual office:

Aside from the services offered in the package, some other factors assess the corporate image of the virtual office. Before sealing the deal one must consider the following to choose the ideal service for their company:

A well-founded and reputable workspace:

Make sure that the office you choose has been in operation for over five years and has reported customer reviews. This ensures the legitimacy and sustainability of the product.

Other companies sharing the same workplace:

Bear in mind that your virtual office company will be shared by other companies as well. Therefore, confirm what kind of companies share the same room as you don’t want to damage your name by sharing the office as a small business owner with several other businesses.

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Its SEO rank:

Verify that you are provided with a suite number in your virtual office. That allows customers to find all your information in one place and thereby is crucial for a business to rank in Google My Business Listings.

A virtual receptionist aka phone call service:

The prosperity of your company is largely determined by the kind of customer service you provide. A digital receptionist could either be a live human or an auto-attendant answering system that answers calls on your behalf. Companies without a digital receptionist generally suffer in ranking SEO, hence choosing one for yourself is a must.

Other facilities and luxuries:

Investigate other services provided like a physical receptionist serving as a lobby greeter, day offices, and rented meeting rooms. Services like these shouldn’t be compromised as they can be critical for your expanding business.

Why choose a virtual office?

Registering your business or startup virtually through a virtual business address provides you a prestigious mailing address without the toll of an expensive office.

Especially if you are new in the business industry, it serves you a great deal in saving money. 

You also don’t have to worry about the expense of paying for hotel meeting rooms or coffee bars. Also, neither of these sound professional when you are still developing your company.

Moreover, several virtual office companies own locations in numerous cities. So, if you are looking to expand your business in some other city don’t bother about renting a new space, because a virtual office covers you with that as well.

Lastly, virtual businesses save a huge amount of time that you would spend otherwise dealing with the administrative tasks of an actual office. Investing at the same time in business ideas can lead you to win some incredible profits in turn.

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