What Should I write in Impressum on Facebook?

Facebook has been at the helm of developing new features to make sure that more and more people continue to use it and enjoy the connectivity that it offers while enabling entrepreneurs all over the world with different types of business requirements to be able to reach out to their target audience. Recently, Facebook added a new feature, namely, ‘IMPRESSUM’, on its page which has left many business owners wondering what it is all about. So, in today’s blog post, We will:-

a). First try to understand what the whole hullabaloo about Impressum is, 

b). Then we will proceed to understand whether it is relevant to your business or not, and,

c). Finally, explore what you must include in your Impressum on Facebook. 

So, let’s get down to it!

What is Facebook Impressum?

The word Impressum has its roots in Latin. It essentially means, ‘imprint’. But that is just the literal meaning. Over the years, this beautiful Latin word has been incorporated into German, and its meaning has evolved to mean ‘legally mandated statement of ownership’.

To say in layman terms, it is more like an About Us Page that includes Terms and Conditions.

Let us take an example to understand what kind of information goes into this page:

What is Facebook Impressum

Source: Facebook

What is Facebook Impressum

Source: Facebook

If you observe, all the pertinent information in the company has been listed in this section of their Facebook profile. It includes information such as a legal address, phone number, the board of managers, and so on and so forth apart from their Registration ID, VAT registration, and other government norms.

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Please note that while this feature is available worldwide, serious implications with respect to nonadherence are only applicable in Germany so far. If you are a Germanic Company and wish to be completely Germanically Compliant, not having an Impressum can have some serious implications in the eyes of law.

Is Having an Impressum On Facebook Required for your Business?

Well, yes and no. I mean, it is not like your business cannot function without an Impressum or there are any legal ramifications to it (unless you are in a Germanic Country), but today’s customer likes to be more aware of the company that they purchase from.

The behavior of the modern customer is very different from that of the yesteryears. Today, people adhere to brands that have a storyline or a value to it rather than just someone selling a good product at cheaper rates.

This is why; when a social media platform that can give you access to hundreds of thousands of accurate target audience, introduces a feature like the Facebook Impressum, you must utilize it to its fullest measure to grow your brand’s credibility and to help your customers feel more secure about your company and its services.

The age of the internet has many benefits, but what it also brings along is the tremendous potential of things going wrong, people misleading innocent customers and fake brands luring in audiences. The Impressum feature most certainly helps in establishing that you are who you claim to be, regardless of whether it is a social media platform or their own website.

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How to Write your Own Facebook Impressum?

Fortunately, writing an Impressum is not all about using flowery language or strong vocabulary. It is instead a very professional straight forward document of accurate information. This is why; you don’t have to worry about hiring a creative content writer to create a good Impressum page for you. There are a few mandatory fields that you must consider while writing it up. Here is a list of things that you must include in your Impressum on Facebook.

1. Name of the Business or Venture

2. Address of the Business or Venture in question

3. Contact Information for the Business or Venture including:

a). Phone number, 

b). Fax number, 

c). E-mail.

4. Name of the Owner (s), Proprietor (s) of the Business

5. Facebook Page Manager for the page in question

6. Registration and license number(s) for the Business or Venture

7. Any relevant links to your Business or Venture’s official websites About Us, Terms, and Conditions, or Impressum Page.

How to Add your Impressum on Facebook?

Facebook has been known to be a relatively easy social media platform to handle. Most of its features and widgets are easy to work with and enable you to navigate easily. Adding your Impressum too is quite simple if you follow these instructions.

a). Log in to your Facebook account and go to your business page

b). Once there, you will find an ‘About ‘section there. Click on it. 

c). Once you click here, you will find an option that enables you to edit your Facebook profile. Somewhere smack dab in the middle of the page, you will find an Edit Impressum section. 

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d). This section will be right before the Company Overview option and underneath the short description.

e). It will read as ‘Input Impressum for your Page’. 

f). Click on Edit. You will find this text written there already over which you have to put your own text:

“This is an optional field. In certain countries, such as Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, businesses may be required by law to include a statement of ownership on their web presence. The limit is 2,000 characters.”

g). Copy and paste the Impressum that you have drafted. Alternatively, you may choose to write the Impressum right here itself. 

And that’s it! You are done, with your brand new Impressum impressing your customers all over Facebook!

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