Wordle Today 462 Hint, Clue And Answers: September 24th,Saturday

It is finally Autumn. Friday was the first day of the new season, and summer is now in our rearview mirrors. My friend Ned might say Winter is on the way.

Also, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are coming soon. First, it will be in the form of advertising holiday sales. Then, it will be in sparkling lights, frosted lawns, and finally, Christmas.

It’s hard to believe that September is almost over. August seemed to fly by, but September is almost over. It’s almost as if we have time-traveled through the month. You can’t miss it if you blink.

The fall season has not only seen a drop in temperature but also in Wordle challenge levels. While the back half of summer was filled with difficult words, these first autumnal Wordles were relatively easy. For example, today’s. . . .

Wordle #462 Answers, Hint & Clues

  • Warning! This post contains spoilers. Continue reading and you will be spoilt.
  • The Hint This is how you can make cheese and carrots.
  • The Clue This word rhymes with Wordle Bot’s favorite starting words.

Today I’m showing you my answers compared to Wordle Bot’s. We tied, which is pretty common, despite Wordle Bot’s constant criticism of my choices.

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I was pretty stoked when I saw three green boxes in a row on my first guess. I chose grain entirely randomly and had this moment where I thought I might get an answer on just one guess. Alas, no such luck.

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According to Wordle Bot, I had just 15 guesses left, but at the time I thought it was much lower (an early success can be deceptive). Still, I went with my gut and guessed grape which got me the E at the back and left me with just 5 choices, though at the time I could only think of one: Grate for the win!

Of course, there were other options like grave, grace and so forth, so I really did get lucky with a 1 in 5 guesses, but I’ll take it! A little luck goes a long way in this life.




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