Everyone needs a break from time to time, and sometimes, a little sit-down in the living room just is not going to cut the mustard. 

Whether you are burnt out from work, have been worn down by the horrors of current affairs, or are simply just really, really tired – there can be many reasons why someone needs to take some time for themselves, and it should be a priority. There is nothing more important than your health and wellbeing.

There are a few clear tell-tale signs that you need to take a proper rest, and this piece is going to walk you through some of them.

If you do recognize yourself in this article, it is definitely time to book yourself a break and hang up that “do not disturb” sign.

You Are Feeling Irritable 

Everyone can have an off day, but if you find yourself snapping at even the smallest of things and feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, there is a good chance that you might need more than five minutes to collect your feelings. Consistently feeling on edge is not good for your mental health or for those that are around you. So, if you are able to, try and get away to somewhere new to refresh yourself and get a new perspective. If money is a concern, make sure to get yourself out into the outdoors on a daily basis.

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You Are Indulging in Unhealthy Habits 

We do not like to feel bad, so we will often do whatever we can to help us feel better. Some of these actions can be detrimental to both our minds and our bodies and cause issues in the long run. Examples of this could be excessive drinking, binge-watching TV shows, chasing that junk food high, or staying up as late as possible because you do not want to wake up and deal with another day. The issue is when these actions stop making us feel better and contribute to the larger problem.  

If you can afford to go on holiday, getting out in some fresh air, seeing different sights, and meeting new people can help shake us out of a funk. Some sunshine would not go amiss either! If this sounds like the next move you need to make, check out Maui resorts for a relaxing experience. 

Your Creativity Has Gone

If you find yourself writing the same kinds of sentences at work, taking a paintbrush to paper and having nothing immediately come to mind, or you cannot think of anything new and innovative for a campaign or event idea, it can be extremely frustrating. This is usually a trusty sign of burnout, and the only way forward is to rest and restore. 

A good way to help spark your creativity is to go somewhere you have never been before and challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone. This can help get your creative juices flowing again and offer your brain a different perspective on things. 

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If you recognize these signs, make sure to take a break as soon as possible. 


Originally posted 2022-03-15 22:16:54.