Why should eCommerce companies use live chat support?

Live chat support is a way to have real-time conversations with support agents. Using live chat software on a company’s website, the customer can ask the agent who can instantly reply to them.

eCommerce chat support by companies helps quickly resolve the customer’s problems. The support agents can quickly take care of the queries related to the purchase of the product. 51 % of the customers use live chat as they do not have to wait for long.

Reasons Behind Using Ecommerce Chat Support

1.Helps In Saving Time

The prime reason behind a successful business is maximum productivity from the amount saved. The time spent on resolving issues of the customers can be taken care of by eCommerce chat support, and they significantly cut downtime consumption. Around 85k chats, on average, are replied to in less than 23 seconds.

An average resolution time for a query is not more than 42 seconds. Live chat support not only saves time but also helps in building a strong customer base. If the eCommerce chat support takes longer to reply, there is a high possibility of potential customers turning down. 42% of the customers state that a live chat support system is readily available.

2. Increase In Conversion Rates

Every website has different solutions and implementations to the problems. Engaging customers quickly at the right moment becomes essential to get more leads. ECommerce chat support can help in boosting website conversion rates. By installing the best live chat tool, the support agent can provide instant assistance to the customer. 

By providing immediate sales assistance, the companies can reduce the sales cycle that helps in revenue generation. Live chat helps in capturing potential customers by starting an easy conversation. 63% of the customers return to a website that offers live chat, which eventually increases the conversion rates. As per recent records, it is estimated that there is a nearly 40% increase in conversions rate per hour.

3. Increased ROI

Immediate chat support leads to a higher conversion rate providing instant satisfaction to the customer. An eCommerce chat support agent manages up to 10 live chats at once, compared to one phone call. Live chats are one of the prime reasons customers come back to the same webpage. 

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As the conversation becomes more engaging, the customer is more likely to be loyal for the long term. Having a multi-level chat option is the best way of giving instant sales assistance. ECommerce chat support can maximise the ROI of the company’s marketing activity. It is one of the major benefits a company enjoys because of a managed live chat service. Increased ROI automatically increases the brand profile.

4. Helps In Saving Money

An automated live chat support service can help reduce the company’s customer support cost. It is generally seen that companies spend large amounts of money on their customer support team, and they struggle to provide optimal customer support within the standard working hours. Through eCommerce chat support, the company can reduce their fear of losing customers.

The chat support agent engages the customer in conversation by assisting them thoroughly. They answer within seconds to the query. The customers do not have to wait long for their problems to be resolved. It also helps in generating leads. Apart from all this, the customers feel important when their queries are taken care of timely and efficiently.

5. Appreciation By Customer

Customer service support is the backbone of any business by implementing eCommerce chat support, and the customers and businesses both feel benefited. Live chat has become an indispensable part of any business platform, and it is the easiest way to connect with customers and support them. The customer appreciates live chat as they get instant replies, and they do not have to wait for long. 

The conversation between the customer and the support agent can be kept as a guide for future reference. Around 44% of the customers purchase a product after an engaging conversation with the support agent. Customers get a feeling of being valued and important when their queries are efficiently taken care of. 

6. Reduction In Cost And Increase In Productivity

The chat support agent engages the customer in conversation by assisting them thoroughly. They answer within seconds to the query. As the conversation becomes more engaging, the customer is more likely to be loyal for the long term. ECommerce chat support by companies helps quickly resolve the customer’s problems.

By prioritizing the customers’ problems, the company can increase the rate of their productivity. The customer gets back again to the same web page for product purchase through instant responses, which automatically raises the company’s production rate. Chat support agents do not let potential customers turn their back towards the company by handling multiple chats at once.

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7. 24/7 Availability

24/7 support means the customers can get help anytime they want. Companies with 24/7 eCommerce chat support are scaling up beyond their Initial audiences and market. Half of the customers of a company consider a 24/7 real-time support system. Companies that offer 24/7 support are likely to have rapid growth in the market.

According to a recent survey, it is seen that 42% of the customers do not purchase products or services without a sales and support system. ECommerce chat support which is available 24/7, grabs the attention of the customers to visit the webpage. Life chat support can help the company meet up to the customers’ expectations.

8. Improvement In Customer Service Productivity

The customer appreciates live chat as they get instant replies, and they do not have to wait for long. Using live chat software on a company’s website, the customer can ask their questions to the agent, who can instantly reply to them. ECommerce chat support agents take up multiple queries for smooth processing.

The option of live chat has engaged the customers to a greater extent. They now do not purchase any product with a strongly built customer support system. With increased customer satisfaction, there will eventually be a rise in customer service productivity. High customer service productivity raises the brand profile immensely. 

9. Rapid Increase In Contact Sources

Live customer service channels prefer chat support. Customers feel personally attended when they receive responses to the queries within minutes. ECommerce chat support has become a leading contact source in the online environment. 42%of the customers prefer to use live chat, while 16 % of other customers prefer to use the same on social media platforms.

Absolute perfect management of live chat support can rapidly increase the leading contact sources of the company. The initial stage, where the customer first hears about the company, creates a first impression in the customer’s mind. Through live chat support, the customer’s first impression of the company shall be impactful.

10. Beneficial Insights On The Behaviour Of The Customer

Researchers state that companies with eCommerce chat support systems tend to get a 6.2% higher rate of customer trust than those companies that do not have customer support systems. The customer’s behavior solely depends on how the company is treating them.

Their trust in the company is based on how the chat support agents treat their customers. Quick responses to the customer’s query make them revisit the website to purchase the product. Through this, trust and faith start to build between the customer and the company. This foundation becomes concrete when the visitor becomes a long-term loyal customer. 

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Services Provided By Ecommerce Chat Support

  • Customer Queries

The chat support agents instantly respond to the customers’ questions. The conversation between the customers and the agents can be kept as a guide for future reference. Customers tend to buy products from companies with a strong live chat support system.

  • Chat About Product Information

When customers think of purchasing a product, they thoroughly go through the product details. In case they find a problem, they seek guidance. Live chat support, in such cases, acts as a saviour. They help the customer in getting all their questions regarding the product answered. 

  • Grievance Resolution Chat

Not all products received by the customers are perfect, and there might be some defects in the products when they are received. Under such circumstances, a grievance resolution chat service works the best for the customers, placing their issue with the product. 

  • Follow Up Chat

The customers feel personally attended when the chat support agents follow up on the product received, which helps build a bountiful trust between the customer and the company. The customers highly appreciate the companies which have live chat support with follow up chats. 

  • In-house Customer Service

Customers tend to turn towards those companies which have live chat systems. Having an in-house customer service system, there is no delay in catering to the customers’ questions. There is instant support of the grievances the customer seeks from the company.

  • Support In Billing

Often there are loopholes in the total billing of the customer’s product, and sometimes there are issues with the discount or redemption of points. Live chat support system helps in this billing criteria of the customer. They provide a detailed breakdown of a bill to them.

  • Processing Of Order

The companies might face a delay in delivering the product to the customer, which will make the customer curious about the order status. In such a situation, the customer seeks help from the live chat support system to know the order’s current status.

Why Outsource From Vserve For Effective Live Services?

Vserve offers 24/7 live chat services for the customers. They assist with order placement and tracking support without any delay. Their team of agents have complete knowledge about the product. Vserve is cost-effective from a price starting from $ 7 per hour. These are some prime reasons why a company should outsource eCommerce chat support from Vserve. 


The ecommerce chat support is an ace of all. It is thronged with multiple benefits and features that are bound to guide you. So, keep reading for the best convenience.


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