Why Combine SEO and PPC for Better Results

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click are considered as two different strategies but, what will happen when we combine both of them? Both the things might sound different but when we sit to analyze they are just two different sides of a coin.

If we try to analyze things then we realize that these two strategies strive towards the same set of goals i.e. improving website traffic, conversions, etc. So, why are we limiting our reach by separating them?

Reasons why PPC and SEO should be used together

1. Better exposure and increase in reach

If you wish to be visible on the search engine, there is nothing better than a combination of PPC and SEO marketing. A lot of people forget that the first two or three searches you see on the search engines are advertisements and that can only be done with the help of PPC services. So, if you think focusing only on SEO email marketing will help you reach on the to, hold on and, look around! If you wish to dominate the market, use a mixture of paid and unpaid tools.

2. Analyze keyword data in a better way

If you try to run both PPC and SEO together, you will realize that you have double the data to analyze. With this, you will have a variety of keywords to determine which ones have the maximum conversion rate. This tiny piece of information will help you optimize your overall marketing strategy and aid in a better ranking for your webpage. If you think it can be difficult to analyze data in-house then, an SEO agency can surely become a helping hand for you.

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3. Using PPC for SEO

Checking and figuring out which meta tags, keywords, and content will work best when ranking your page organically might take a lot of time. So instead, try using PPC data and analyzing which ads have the maximum conversion rate, you save yourself a lot of time. How? This is because what works for PPC also tends to work for SEO most of the time. Also, instead of using Google Ads keyword planner, you can take help from the data you collected while working on PPC. This way you find out which are the best keywords to rank organically without putting in the extra effort. Interesting right?

4. Better customer experience

Google is continuously working on creating a better experience for customers and you will have to try the best of marketing mixes to cope with its changing algorithms. You can do this by combining the data collected by SEO agencies. User experience is an important part of SEO and that can help PPC services know about how customers are buying the services. In the end, this will help you figure out better campaign ideas, know what customers are looking for and how to engage them with your brand.

5. Stay a step ahead of your competitors

The competition in digital space is never-ending, after all everyone wants to rank on the front page right? Regular changes in Google’s algorithms make it even more difficult to rise and shine and you can’t always be experimenting with different techniques and wait for one to work. With PPC and SEO combined, you get two strong models working for one purpose and that is ranking your webpage and providing a better reach. This will surely help you rank better than others in the game.

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Not only this, you can do a lot more when you combine two important forces. When someone throws a bad PR stunt towards your brand, PPC and SEO combined can aid better crisis management. It can also help you collect data through social media and help focus on precise locations and audience. So, what are you waiting for? Get your team together and start working with a different perspective right away!


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