Common Mistakes In SEO

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the online presence of users and businesses very important because all the stores are shut. This has made the internet an even more competitive ground. Since this trend is permanent, SEO has proven to be the most efficient and powerful mode of marketing. Thus, today businesses, spend a large proportion of the marketing budget equivalent to 41% of the total on SEO strategies. 

Make sure that you hire a Melbourne SEO agency with having a track record of delivering excellence. They should help businesses grow their online presence and dominate the SERP. Their team of experts must ensure that your website generates the maximum organic traffic which converts it into a revenue-generating machine thus, incrementing the ROI. 

There are many mistakes that users make while executing SEO. Since the issues in the SEO have a direct bearing on the business and revenue generated, your SEO must be impeccable. Here is a list of changes that you can make in SEO strategies to make it the most perfect of all. 

What is SEO clean-up?

The progressive movement of your business and your website work together. As your website grows, issues start to exhume. On many occasions, the links go dead or the website becomes messy. The other times, the content gets de-optimized and users are not delivered with what they want from your page. This negatively impacts the user experience (UX) which dulls your pages’ rank. 

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To avoid this from occurring, timely SEO clean-ups are required. They ensure that the website is updated and provides the needs of users in the most effective manner. 

Common Mistakes during SEO:

1- Spammy abuse of keywords- Keywords are the heart of SEO strategy, they let the search engine understand what message you want to convey via the page. But lately, web developers have been going haywire on keyword abuse. However, search engines like Google are smarter than you think, they too adapt to changes.

The latest patterns of Google are smart enough to navigate the stuffing pattern of keywords, such pages are decently punished. 

2- Lack of concern of the UX- The importance of UX can never be emphasized enough, the focal point of SEO is experienced on the webpage to the user and the accessibility of the page. If you run a slow website that takes more than a few seconds to load, the search engine will pummel your page to the deepest bowels of SERP. 

3- Irrelevant links- With the growth of your business page, numerous external pages attest their pages with your page. However, it happens at umpteen instances that these links go dead. Some of them are broken or irrelevant, and other links like a press release, private blogs, link farms, etc. drag the rank of your page on SERP. 

How to lay a blueprint for SEO clean-up?

1. Rebuild the website structure: Users first navigate through the site structure. In an ideal scenario, the website structure of you should be crisp and show a limited number of the most relevant items. It’s of no avail to drench the relatively new user with irrelevant information, the complex nature of which might work against you. 

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2. Edit the images: Images from a necessary and attractive element of a webpage. They add to the aesthetics of the webpage, which is also liked by many searchers. You must compress the images on your pages to enhance the speed of loading of your page. Load speed has a core role to play in how the user interacts with the page and its content.  


The SEO strategy must start by putting up relevant questions like what are you missing in the website, what positive changes can be made and what should you delete in totality.  


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