Whether UV Pool Sanitisers Will Be Worth It?

Most of us are familiar with chlorine or bromine treatment for swimming pool water. However, now Ultraviolet or UV water treatment systems have been introduced and they are becoming quite popular, partly because they can significantly reduce the need for consumption of chlorine and hence allow people to have a chlorine-free swimming pool.

A reliable pool pump supplier will also help you achieve clean water in your swimming pool by installing a UV pool sanitation system. There are a lot of benefits of having a UV pool sanitation system for your residences and businesses. 

Benefits of a UV system

  1. Can kill 99.9% of microorganisms present in your pool.
  2. Can easily be installed inline before the chlorinator and after the filter
  3. You will consume less chlorine because UV will take care of killing almost 99.9% of microorganisms.
  4. As less chlorine will be needed hence the pH value will not rise as fast, reducing any need for pH reducers, e.g. acid. When you use lesser chemicals that mean less salt, less chlorine, and also less money will be spent
  5. UV sanitizers are non-toxic, which can reduce the chlorine requirements of your pool. They can also help in eliminating red, sore, and itchy eyes, which are generally caused by high chloramine levels.

UV water treatment in your domestic pools and spas

A UV light is shielded by a quartz sleeve is housed inside a cylindrical container in UV treatment systems. The water from the pool is simply pumped through the chamber, where it is dosed with UV rays.

One component of the UV spectrum breaks down the chloramines as the water flows through the system, a process known as photolysis. Shorter UV wavelengths cause the water to form hydroxyl radicals, which are potent oxidizers that attack the chloramines in the water.

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While MP UV can be used in household pools, LP systems are more popular. Lower bather loads usually indicate that the UV system’s primary purpose is disinfection. UV light of a certain wavelength (254nm) is emitted by LP lamps and is highly effective at killing germs. 

UV light’s “dose” is measured in mj/cm2, with 30mj/cm2 being the required minimum dose to sustain. This dose is equivalent to drinking water standards, and it will reduce bacteria levels in swimming pools by 99.99 percent across the most common bacteria. 

UV radiation also functions as a powerful natural disinfectant, rendering germs inactive by destroying their DNA. Because UV can only treat water as it passes through the lamp, a residual level of sanitizer (e.g. chlorine) must be present throughout the system to ensure constant protection. 

This residue, on the other hand, can be lowered by 50 to 80% compared to a pool’s normal level, potentially lowering the amount to as low as 0.5 ppm depending on the pool. 

That means a UV-treated pool uses significantly lesser chemicals and, as a result, requires less backwashing, lowering water and heating expenses. Looking at the above, we can say that it is worth investing in UV Pool Sanitisers for the swimming pool that you have installed at your home

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