Leucorrhoea is a whitish, yellowish, or greenish vaginal discharge caused by estrogen imbalance. All women experience this and it is quite normal but sometimes it produces itchiness or a burning sensation. In such a condition, you should consult the Ayurveda doctor immediately. Women with Leucorrhoea have fear of cancer and conceiving or women might experience sexual anxieties or embarrassment. Leucorrhoea treatment in Ayurveda is possible, once you need to consult the best Ayurveda practitioner at right time.

Types of Leucorrhoea

  1. Physiological Leucorrhoea: Physiological Leucorrhoea is not a major problem and can be seen in most women while pregnancy in the form of white and sticky discharge from the vagina and sometimes it produces a very bad smell. Increased estrogen hormonal stimulation produces Physiological Leucorrhoea.
  2. Inflammatory Leucorrhoea: Inflammatory Leucorrhoea occurs due to the inflammation of vaginal mucosa. The indication of inflammatory leucorrhoea is yellowish discharge from the vagina. It generally occurs due to some bacterial infections.

Causes of Leucorrhoea

When to Visit a Doctor for Leucorrhoea Treatment?

The most common causes of Leucorrhoea are pregnancy, menstrual periods, hormonal imbalance, bacterial infections, indigestion, poor hygiene routine, constipation, repeated abortions, stress, and overeating which results in poor functioning of the intestine.

Symptoms of Leucorrhoea

Symptoms are important to diagnose the problem. Here are some symptoms that indicate the woman is suffering from Leucorrhoea:-

  • White or Yellow Sticky Vaginal Discharge
  • Intense Itching of the Vulva
  • Bad Fish-like Discharge Smell
  • Constipation
  • Weakness
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Pain While Passing Urine
  • Pain in Lower Part of the Abdomen
  • Pain During or After Sex
  • Bleeding During Sex
  • Calf Pain
  • Headache

Leucorrhoea Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an old healing approach that developed in India 3000 years ago and Ayurveda treatments are super beneficial to treating any disease. Leucorrhoea treatment in Ayurveda is also done and its result is very positive. 

Ayurveda suggests “Nidana Parivarjnam”. Nidana considers the disease-causing factors like diet, lifestyle, or any other internal as well as external factors which lead to the imbalance of doshas. In Ayurveda, Nidana Parivarjnam is considered the first line of treatment in Leucorrhoea to know the root cause of the disease. It helps the Ayurveda practitioner to recommend the herbs and therapies per the women’s current condition.

Ayur Prakash has the best Ayurvedic doctors that treat the disease and removes the root of the disease. We have experienced doctors and we know each body is different and each body reacts differently so we make the diet chart and select the treatment after proper diagnosis only.

Leucorrhoea Treatment in Ayurveda Uses The Following Herbs

  • Lodhra: Lodhra (Symplocos Racemosa) is a herb used by Ayurvedic Practitioners to treat Leucorrhoea. It is used to manage vaginal discharge as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Lodhra herb is very beneficial in managing the heavy menstrual bleeding flow.
  • Amalaki: Amalaki is a herb rich in Vitamin C and is full of nutrients. It cleans the vagina and helps to protect the woman from infections.
  • Ashwagandha & Shatavari: Ayurveda practitioners suggest ashwagandha and Shatavari herbs to women suffering from leucorrhoea. 
  • Chopchini: Chochini is a herb that grows in China. Chopchini herb has antibacterial or antibiotic properties that help cure the body’s infections. Thus it helps to treat Leucorrhoea as it is also a result of bacterial infection.

So we can see that Leucorrhoea treatment in Ayurveda uses several herbs. Daily and prescribed dosage of these herbs help the women to treat Leucorrhoea.

Other Leucorrhoea Treatment in Ayurveda Includes

Ayurveda treatment is all about herbs, yoga, meditation, and therapies. Therapies help to fight back against Leucorrhoea by eliminating the toxins from the body. Here are some therapies which are used to treat Leucorrhoea:-

  • Dhupana
  • Pichu
  • Varti
  • Agni Karma
  • Prakshalana
  • Kshara Karma
  • Yonidhavan
  • Nabhilepan

Apart from this, Ayurveda also suggests keeping a proper and healthy lifestyle. Women suffering from Leucorrhoea are advised to eliminate spicy and fried foods from their diet. Sour food items like curd and pickles should also be eliminated from the diet for better and fast treatment results. Consume the food items like wheat, barley, apples, ginger, spinach, and other fruits and vegetables. 

Women should include nutritious and fiber-rich food items. Ayurveda suggested adding fresh fruits and vegetables to the women’s diet. Water intake should also be increased. Women should drink at least 5 liters of water per day as fluids help to remove the toxins from the body.

Avoid taking stress, the most important factor to treat Leucorrhoea. Try to maintain happy and stressful life so that the treatment gives positive and timely results.


Now you know about the causes and symptoms of Leucorrhoea. So if anyone you having any symptoms then Please consult Ayur Prakash doctors immediately as it may be because of leucorrhoea. Timely treatment is required to treat the disease. Our Ayurveda experts and Practitioners are fully experienced and committed to delivering the best treatment to cure leucorrhoea.


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