Most Frequent Questions About Lavender Essential Oil Answered

Whether you are just thinking to buy lavender oil or you are already a die-hard essential oil fan, you probably might have plenty of questions about it. You might be searching for answers to, for instance, “What’s an organic lavender essential oil like?” or “Is it safe enough for the kids?” or “Can I use lavender oil in routine?”

Well, you have come to the right place. We have picked a few of the most popular questions, and we will be answering them through this post. Chances are you might receive answers to such questions that you didn’t even know you had.

#1. I am becoming obsessed with lavender oil, and I want to know what it is for a beginner?

The lavender essential oil comes in a handy bottle and is extracted from a plant named as Lavandula Angustifolia. The process is carried out via distillation, resin tapping, or cold pressing. This essential oil holds a distinctive molecular profile that offers its specific therapeutic properties and a decent aroma. Certainly, they have been used for thousands of years, and are the best form of something natural, which has the power to motivate, inspire, and elevate.

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#2. In what ways lavender oil can enhance my life? Is there any specific way to use it? 

There are plenty of ways to use it: either you are at home or office. Diffusing it, rubbing it on wrists, or applying with some moisturizer – possibilities are endless. A significant thing to consider while buying lavender essential oil online is to check for the labels, and know-how it needs to be used in routine (diluted or not). A very convenient way to test this is to add it to your favorite oil like olive oil and add the mixture into an air diffuser. In a brief period, you will find how actively the pleasing scent begins to speak to your soul. 

#3. Does organic lavender essential oil need to be diluted? Why?

Yes, because pure essential oils are way more active than their parent botanicals. Generally, organic lavender oil is known to be more gentle as compared to other options like Orange and Peppermint. It is safe to apply on the skin when diluted with a moisturizer. 

#4. Is lavender oil safe for kids?

No doubt, a common question that may come to your mind while buying lavender essential oil online is that if it is safe for kids or not. Well, we have made it easier for you—all you need to go through the label and instructions. Or either you can do a patch test on your kid’s wrist. Remember, never apply it directly, always mix it with some gentle cream or olive oil. 

#5. Is lavender oil like other vitality oils?

When you buy lavender oil online, the same construction/design of vitality and essential oil may confuse you a little. However, let us tell you that classic lavender essential oil is only for aromatic and topical use, and the vitality oils are only meant for dietary use. 

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#6.  How often can you use lavender oil during pregnancy? 

The majority of pregnant women were found interested in buying lavender oil and adding it to their routine. Lavender oil helps in pampering, staying relaxed, and preserving that healthy glowing skin during those nine months. However, it is always recommended to ask your health professional first. 

In the end, what matters the most is to buy organic lavender oil from a reputable seller who precisely understands how to represent the best of nature. Shop for natural essential oils that rhyme up with the science, sourcing, and standards.

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