How Coworking Space  Helps Small Business

Coworking spaces are the newest of the trend and while we say this, there are happenings in and around coworking space business. There are different types of coworking space today, niche related, diverse, that suit different sections of people.

One of the clientele that makes maximum usage of coworking spaces are, the small business, startups, etc. Coworking spaces welcome the entrepreneurial energy within it, helping them find new ways of coping up with their new business.

Any SME who joins to use a coworking space in Pune will have their own story of success to tell the younger generations. There are a million inspiring stories from Uber, Spotify, and many more like those who have made it to the highest ranks of success.

43% of the businesses that use coworking spaces are small to medium-sized enterprises. Here are a few reasons why coworking spaces are best for small businesses.

a). Cost-effective

Any company that starts, will face the biggest problem financial crisis. And without any confirmed clients and leads, it might be difficult for you to work from an office building that you and your team own.

Using a coworking space will spare you from bearing the cost of office infrastructure, amenities required in an office, and rent. While you must pay for a basic fee at the coworking space, it is going to be worth it.

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b). Maximum Productivity

Being new in business, you cannot slack back at work, losing yourself when you work from home. So, you and your team must stay focused.

And, being a small team, in the beginning, renting an office as a whole would not be required. A coworking space and a cabin will suffice the needs.

c). Networking

Finding clients and getting the right leads is the most difficult part of the business. And, being a newbie, all you need is the right direction without being misled.

Coworking space is the best for that since a lot of people go through the same phase and a lot who have been through it, come out being super successful.

Seeking advice from experienced people and getting the right leads and seeking the best talent out there is what a small business can do for the first time.

d). The events at the coworking spaces

Different types of events take place at a coworking space like networking events, product launch parties, and even an open mic often.

These events give the smaller teams a chance to feel being part of something bigger. The events would give them chances to network. It will also help them guide themselves through their journey.

The daily events that occur at the Coworking office in HSR Layout attract a lot of small business entrepreneurs to upgrade their talents, in fairs and webinars to know more about what they work in.

They can get good mentors through these events and also, relax for a while when they run all day for their business.

e). You can expand easily

Small businesses do not stay small all the while. They start growing, and the growth can be exponential in the beginning.

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Working from home or from a cafe at this stage would leave with no more room for the new ones in the team.

Coworking spaces provide you with the option to scalability any time instantly! Starting from a hot desk, you can own your cabin, a floor, and then your own physical company.

f). The work-life balance

As obvious as anyone would have, in corporate life, having a work-life balance is so important at any stage of your career.

Or else, it can create a lot of difficulties in your professional life as well as personal life. Staying happy and productive in both places would be so hard.

Coworking spaces give you clear differentiation between work and life. It gives you time to spend on work and conveniently go home to enjoy your life!

g). The work culture expectations of the Z generation

Most of the Z-generation people come out with new business and startups these days, and hence, they are the users of coworking spaces mostly.

And, they would never be comfortable with a 9-5 schedule of work, making them nothing, but, a working machine.

Coworking spaces have flexible timings and they can work up to their wishes and likes in the oddest of the hour even.

The cafeteria, the drinks, and the snacks all are arranged according to what the millennial and Z-generation likes, and they would remain happy and comfortable in the workplace that they decide to work in.

h). You get to choose where to work from

You can choose where you want to work. The ambiance, surroundings, the city all can be decided upon your likes, which will improve your interest in working.


And, also, being new in business, you might have to travel to different places to meet clients and might have to stay away for days. Well, you cannot miss working on any day, on the early days of your career.

There are coworking spaces with franchises all around the world, helping you use the coworking space for a few hours or days, with your global membership.

When you choose a coworking space for your own, make sure you check all your priorities. What you need might not be what another team needs. And hence, it will be your choice at the end.

Look for testimonials, and especially from small enterprises that use the coworking space before you book one of them. Look for security assurances at the coworking spaces.

Choose the ones that suit your working timings and those where you can have a meeting room availability at any hour of need. There will be plenty of meeting rooms that give you offers upon reservations.

When you grow out into a big, physical company that you own from the coworking space that you grew up from, it will be a pride for you, as well as for them, for being part of your journey. Make the maximum use of the same, that will help you in the long run!


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