Spotify and the Artist Insights

Listening to music is no longer just for leisure. Music can help a human being in countless ways. Whether they are feeling stressed out, or unable to sleep, or even need to concentrate for their examinations, music can provide the solution to everything. For such cases, listening to music on the best platform and in the highest quality is considered the ideal solution.

To continue, Spotify is one of the world’s best music platforms. The application has millions of listeners from all over the world where they choose to listen to their favorite musicians and podcasts at any time they want.

There are two available versions of Spotify; one is the basic version where you can listen to music and share it on social media platforms, and the second is the premium version were not only do you have the features mentioned above, but also you can listen to music non-stop without any advertisements and can download your favorite songs on the app.

Spotify Plays for the Artist

Spotify Plays for the Artist

For the artist, releasing their music on Spotify is their first step to getting noticed in the world. Getting Spotify plays, having a huge number of listeners of your songs and even followers is essential for the artists to grow.

This, however, may be something of a difficult task for those who are new to the platform Spotify and here are some of the factors that can help them get more plays on their songs.

  • Using Good Quality Audio – One of the most important things is to make sure the quality of the audio is up to the requirements of Spotify. This way, when a user will listen to your music, they will listen to the best quality audio available.
  • Promoting your music ­– Through the use of social media, you must promote your brand or your music in the best way possible. Apps like Instagram and Facebook can help you reach more people, and your promotion can help you get more listeners and play on your song. Sending your song to all your friends and music bloggers will help your song reach more people. Through music bloggers, your song can be a part of an article that a group of people will eventually read. These are ways that can help you reach more people and get more plays on your songs.
  • Spotify Editorial Playlists – You must pitch your music to the editorial playlists of Spotify that are created according to the different genres. These playlists have a huge number of likes, and if your song is on these playlists, your song plays will automatically rise to a huge level.
  • Buying Spotify Plays – To be a huge star is what many artists dream of, but it’s a long and tiring process that can take a while. You can also buy Spotify plays from websites like SocialGreg that will give your song an instant rise in the number of plays on your song, thus increasing your Spotify insights.
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Thus, focusing on what is suitable for your artist brand and your song will help you get more plays, followers, and listeners on your Spotify account.

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