What is a cremation casket? What you need to know before getting a cremation casket

Cremation is increasingly becoming as popular as traditional burials. This is because with the rapid population growth, more land is being used to build housing and business structures, and there is little land left to bury the dead. 

Buying a cremation casket is hard when grieving. The following information will help you learn more about cremation caskets and why you need to buy one. Click here to get the information to answer the different questions you may have about cremation caskets.

What are cremation caskets?

For cremation to take place, you need to place the body in a flammable container known as a cremation casket. They help in enclosing the deceased in preparation for transportation and cremation in the crematorium. Some people choose to use it during the funeral service to avoid the extra cost of buying two caskets.

Family members may wish to sit in the hearse as they transport the deceased to the crematorium. It would be best to place the body in a cremation casket to make the transportation bearable and respectable.

Cremation casket materials

The cremation casket should be made in such a way that it is leak-proof, rigid, and free of any metal parts and ornamentation. The caskets are made of different materials. Deciding which material is best will help you make an easier and faster purchase.

Cremation caskets made of biodegradable materials are also commonly known as green caskets. The materials are fully combustible and they include bamboo, teak, and wicker.

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Caskets can be purely made of wood to ensure they burn completely during the cremation process.

A cardboard container can also be used as a cremation casket. You will find these in the crematorium. If the deceased’s body will not be present at the wake, you can choose this least expensive option.

Why are cremation caskets used?

A cremation casket provides a respectful resting place for the dead and can be used to carry items to which the deceased was emotionally attached, such as a diary, their diploma, or a Bible. Burning the valuables is important for both the family and the deceased. This means you have to place the body and valuables in an enclosed casket for the cremation process.

It is important to note that only biodegradable valuables can be placed in the casket to make sure that no material toxic to the environment is burnt.

A cremation casket is also used during the funeral service as people pay their last respects. Giving your loved one a proper sendoff is more respectable, for it is the last thing you do for them. It is, therefore, much better if the deceased has a place to rest for the last time.

The casket provides shelter and protects the body of the deceased during transportation. It provides a safe and dignified manner to send off your loved one.

The casket will help respect the wishes of families who may choose not to view the body but wish to be present during the transfer of the deceased from facilities to the crematorium and through the cremation process.

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Why are cremation caskets more cost-effective?

Cremations are generally cheaper and less tiresome compared to burials. One of the most expensive items in burials is a coffin.

Cremation caskets are cost-effective because they are made out of wood. They can cost as low as $700 depending on the wood being used, whether mahogany, oak, or other kinds of wood. The exclusion of metal and other ornamentation helps in considerable cost reduction.

If you want a high-quality cremation casket, you can purchase the casket from online platforms, caskets for sale, or from crematoriums and funeral homes.

Are bodies burned with the cremation casket?

The coffin is closed and sealed during cremation, and the body is burned together with the cremation basket. This is why the cremation casket should be made of wood or biodegradable materials.

The extremely high temperatures (1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit) used in cremation will turn the body and coffin to ashes. The family can then carry the ashes in an urn and scatter them in the place of their choosing when they are ready.

Now that you are more informed about cremation caskets, you will be able to buy one with the best material either physically or online. I wish your family comfort during this trying time.

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