Remember Your Loved Ones with Funeral Stationery

While planning for the funeral service for your loved one, you need to do lots of planning and require various memorial stationery. When I say, funeral stationery you may be thinking what are they and why do we need them? The answer is simple: without memorial stationery, the funeral service will be incomplete. Because every memorial service is not complete without memorial cards. So here in this blog, we are going to talk about the stationery that is needed in the funeral service:

Funeral Program

The Funeral program or the memorial folder that has the folded pamphlet consist of the details of the activities that will be taking place during the memorial service. You can use the decorative piece of paper or simple paper to print the funeral program. The funeral program paper should be chosen by you if you want to give it a personal touch.

You can personalize the funeral program by adding the name and date of death of the deceased. Along with you can even add a photo of the person who has passed away or can include their favorite lines, quotes, or poems in it. 

Memorial Cards

This meaningful keepsake is distributed in the funeral service, and it includes the name and other basic information of the person who has passed. These cards can easily slip into your wallet or any book. The card can be used as a reminder of the person who has passed. There are three types of memorial cards, and they are folded memorial cards, memorial prayer cards, and memorial bookmarks.

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The folded memorial card is smaller in size and can be personalized in many different ways as per your choice. These cards are used during the memorial wakes, visitations, and viewings, and these cards can be sent as the invitation card too. 

Memorial Prayer cards or the catholic funeral prayer cards are one of the most used memorial cards. These cards are known to have the religious cards; that’s why the name and it even includes prayer and personal information of the deceased person.

Memorial bookmark is just like a simple bookmark that has the photo and date of birth and death of the deceased person. By adding the dead person’s favorite poem, quotes, and reading you can personalize it.

Register Book

You must have heard of the attendance register book in school where this book consists of the name of the students who attended the school on a particular day.  Likewise, is the register book present in the funeral, memorial service where the name of the person who participated in the funeral is mentioned. This book is important as it consists of the record of the people who attended the service. Moreover, the family of the deceased person may not be in such a condition that they remember the name of all persons who are attending the funeral service. 

Acknowledgement Cards

People want to acknowledge all the friends and families who took part in the funeral service and what could be better by giving them the acknowledgment card. This card is just like a thank you card where you say thank those people who went beyond during this grieving period. It is the way to say that you appreciate their help and are thankful to them for their presence during this difficult time. You may either send this card along with the flower or any other sympathy gift to make them feel you appreciate their presence during the death of your loved one.

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Every funeral home that is taking care of funeral service is known for offering the funeral stationery. However, it’s your right to choose the best cards which look not only good but also affordable. If you want to give a personal touch to these stationeries, then you must give it a shot as it will show much you care about the deceased person and can even use a funeral memory board. While choosing the memorial cards or acknowledgment card, you need to know that show off is not everything, you have expressed your feeling with these cards elegantly. Make the funeral service the best healing service for your families, friends, and relatives who lost their loved ones.



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