Know About Your Child’s Best Friend!

Have you noticed why your little ones are head over heels with their playthings? Children are drawn to soft toys of all forms and sizes. They love soft toys like moths love the flame. Even there’s no toy insight; they will make any object their best mate out of whatever they have available. 

Why are soft toys so important for your child? 

For you, it might be just a soft teddy bear with an unraveling nose that is losing its shine with the sands of time. But for your child, that thing is a partner of every adventure he had, a secret keeper, and an escape window from loneliness when you’re not around. 

Not just it, studies have shown that playing with soft toys plays an important role in teaching emotions in your child from a very early age. Kids play with toys and props, develop consistently, and maintain rules and roles. They use toys to entertain themselves while consistently exploring the world around them, teaching themselves, and experiencing a pure feeling of love, attachment, and care.

Let’s go behind your child’s mind to get a grasp of some psychological aspects of why your little one is so in love with their soft toys. 

Here’s what you need to know

  1. Researchers have shown that almost 60 to 70% of children have something they own as an attachment object, which is usually a doll or a soft toy. 
  2. Playing with soft toys inculcates a feeling of attachment, love, and care in your child. 
  3. Soft toys also promote the social and emotional growth of your child. Also, they strengthen the motor skills of your little one. 
  4. There’s nothing wrong if kids are engaged with the Big Animal Plush toys. This activity is essential and helps them to analyze the world around them in different patterns, colors, and textures. 

Here’s what researchers have found! 

In a test, some children were shown some animated visuals of some live animals which mimicked humans. Researchers confirmed that almost 60 to 70% of children recognize their toys as a living thing, their best friend

Studies have also shown that children are only anthropomorphic to their soft toys. 

Some important points to remember while buying a soft toy for your child

Soft toys are the remark of happiness, love, and care, but they also lie a great potential of helping your toddler to gain bigger and more important concepts of life. 

Let’s take a look at some important points that you should consider when it comes to soft toys and your child’s mental development.

Soft toys ignite the door of creativity and imagination for your child  

Studies have shown that children can play with open-ended toys in various ways make your child’s mind at work, and get them thinking in narratives. This helps them to see the world from a different view, more broadly. Creativity is the essential seed to nurture; it helps you, a child, to think and grow out of the box.

1.Soft toys teach kids about science and engineering 

Your child’s brain is like a soft sponge that observes and absorbs everything that comes in their way. Soft toys are the medium of filtering information from their surroundings. Soft toys offer a playful way to explore science, technology, mathematics, art, and engineering. 

For example- When your child builds a block of the tower, balances it, and eventually watches it fall to the ground, that’s physics. Hence, we should never underestimate or undermine the power of soft toys when it comes to educating and developing your child’s social skills. 

2. Toys that develop motor skills of your child 

Children play with soft toys and manipulate them, this way they develop their motor skills and become more adept at eye/hand coordination. Soft toys that need them to get a push, pull, pinch, turn, and strengthen your child’s motor skills, which is the best approach to a child’s growth.

3. Soft toys sow the seed of love 

Soft toys connect children with positive memories and help them to express their feelings. Children are very attached to their playthings. This phenomenon promotes healthy, happy, and positive bonding that helps your child to carry out the same feelings in other corners of their life. So, when children bestow their affection, care, and love on their toys, they cultivate and nurture sweet childhood memories. 

Toys are the best listeners that provide the best face or place if they need to utter complaints or talk about anything that scares them or trouble them.

The Takeaway

As a parent, you need to consider what type of soft toys you provide and how many you should give to your child. Always remember, kids necessarily don’t need more, they need better. 

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