How To Dress Up Your Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is an amazing outfit, which Indian women like to wear for functions, parties, and daily routines. Salwar kameez also tend to make you look taller. If you are short and want to look tall then correctly styled salwar kameez can help you.

Check the type of salwar kameez available

Straight Cut Salwar Kameez, Palazzo Suit, Sharara Suit, Lehenga Suit are some types of salwar kameez available online. You can check a lot of online salwar kameez collections. 

There are many ways of styling a salwar kameez that will make your look fab. How to style salwar kameez with layers? 

Here we will talk about transforming your casual salwar kameez to a complete glam look. 

Wear long shrug 

No rule says that you can not go with salwar kameez with a jacket or Koti. Nothing matter till you are comfortable with the style. Also, you will find a lot of dress that comes with jacket layering. Then why not wear a long jacket with salwar kameez? This will give a great and comfortable cozy feel on fall days. 

I would suggest you go with a short top with a churidar bottom with a long shrug. That will give you a great celebrity look. 

A sleeveless top with sheer shrug also goes well to make Instagram fashion statements. Wearing a bright colour shrug with a solid color top and bottom goes best for any stylish look.

Style With Belt 

If we go with the trend, You will see a lot of trends going with the belt. Whether it is sarees, lehenga choli, or salwar kameez. Women are loving to style saree with belts so why not go with some new style. Let’s style a salwar kameez with a belt. 

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Wearing a belt is a whole trend of its own, especially with ethnic wear like saree, lehengas. 

There are many ways to style a dupatta with salwar kameez like you can put a dupatta around your neck to the front side and fix it in with a belt. In this style, it will make a trend, also you do not have to handle the dupatta so you can comfortably roam around.  

Embellished Dupatta

Nothing looks cool and royal than embellished ethnic wear. Wearing a heavily embellished dupatta with salwar kameez is not a new style. Women wearing a stylist dupatta from the decade. 

Styling a heavily embroidered dupatta with salwar kameez will make a royal look. You can carry heavily embroidered salwar kameez with you at a wedding or any party also. You will not go wrong will this style. 

You do not need to accessorize more when you are already carrying a dupatta for style statements. Wearing earing will help to give attention more to your embellished dupatta.


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