Best Living Options for your Aging Parent

Every older adult is unique, and their needs vary. So, the senior living option that suits one might not be right for the other.

That said, older persons have different reasons to change their living situation. Whether this lifestyle change is prompted by the urge to try something new or it is forced by a health condition, finding a suitable senior living option for your loved one can be tricky.

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Having recognized the challenge of picking a suitable living option, we will be discussing several living options for older adults here. Also, this piece will talk about some senior living needs and the appropriate living options to address them.

Senior living options for your ageing parent

There are several living options for older adults, and these communities provide a range of care services to residents. After learning about these different senior living homes and what they offer, you should be able to make a suitable choice for your parents.

1. Aging in Place

For your parents, staying in their home grants them the benefit of living in a familiar place where they know family and friends. Even while at home, your loved ones still have the opportunity to enjoy care services.

There are home modifications that can help make their lives, as older adults, easier and better. Here, the home is modified to address the changing needs of your loved ones.

You may want to consider the Aging in Place option for your parents if they don’t have serious physical and medical needs. Moreover, the presence of a network of tight-knit family, friends, and neighbours makes this living option attractive for older persons.

2. Independent living

Independent living is a living arrangement uniquely set up for older people. This group of adults is usually of the retirement age, 55 years and above.

Basically, independent living communities are for older adults with little or no need for assistance in their daily life activities. While most residents live on their own, the living communities provide care facilities, services, and activities.

There are different housing styles in an independent living community, ranging from apartments to stand-alone residences. Older adults enjoy easier navigation and less maintenance work with these housing options. So, if your parents want more free time to socialize with peers, independent living might be the best available option.

3. Assisted living

Assisted living is a living option for adults who require help with some of their daily life activities. These activities may include cooking meals, using medications, and travelling to meetings and appointments. In addition, assisted living communities offer the provision of care and support to aid residents.

Just like the independent living option, assisted living helps residents maintain a degree of independence. A suitable assisted living community will create a schedule that sorts your parent’s needs while also giving them the liberty to do what they want.

An assisted living community will be best for your loved ones if they need more care than they will get at home or in an independent living community.

4. Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are pretty similar to assisted living homes, as both living options offer custodial care to their residents. Custodial care is non-medical assistance given to people who need help with their daily lives, and the services may include bathing, cleaning, dressing, feeding, and so on.

That said, the function of nursing homes is not limited to custodial care, as they also provide a high level of medical care.

A licensed physician supervises each resident’s health and care in nursing homes. Meanwhile, a nurse or any other medical professional is always available in the home to assist when needed.

If your older loved ones need both medical and custodial care and cannot get these services at home, a nursing home might be a suitable option to consider.  You and your loved ones can find most of these living options at Seasons Retirement.

Best living options for your parent – senior living needs

Given that various living options are available to older adults, helping your older folks choose one can be challenging. That said, your parent’s needs are the most important parameters to use in the decision-making process.

However, while their present demands are paramount, you should also consider the ones that may arise in the future. Here are some of the needs that will be sorted in senior living homes.

1. Physical and medical needs

It is perfectly normal for adults to develop more physical needs as they grow older. These may include daily life activities such as bathing and feeding. In addition, your loved ones may also need medical assistance.

The need for medical help could result from a sudden illness or the gradual development of a condition. In any case, senior living homes, such as nursing homes, offer services to address these needs adequately.

2. Transportation

Moving from one place to another can be stressful for older adults, especially when it’s a long distance. So if driving is no longer a feasible option, how can mobility be made easier for older persons?

Retirement living communities is the answer to this question. In these communities, there is provision for the transportation of residents anywhere, so they don’t have to stress about their mobility.

3. Social and emotional stress

As your parents grow older, the need to be around others – family and friends – becomes increasingly more important. However, circumstances could prevent them from seeing family and friends as frequently as they would ordinarily like.

Senior living communities, such as retirement communities, help ensure that your loved ones don’t feel the weight of loneliness, as they offer more social opportunities to older adults.

4. Home maintenance

Keeping a home clean and fit for a living can be difficult for older adults. So, they may need help to maintain their residences. In almost every senior living community, your parents will get help with tasks like house cleaning and yard work.


It is one thing to recognize the need for your loved ones to move into a senior living community. Then, it is another to figure out the best living choice that addresses their needs. That said, learning about senior living options and needs will give you control over the situation and help you make a good decision.

By reading this article, you’ve made a solid start ensuring your parents enjoy a happy and healthy life as they age.

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