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A Canceled Check is the type of check which is used already for any transaction. This kind of check cannot be used again and again for transactions. This check is a paid check which is clear. It is proof of purchase that the amount is withdrawn.  Some banks send copies of the check to the customers after the transaction.

People usually asked what the canceled check looked like. The answer to this question is that the bank stamped on that check for the confirmation that it was already used and cannot be used again. And the bank also writes the account number on the back of the check.

A very important question arises here, how to read the back of a canceled check. It is a frequently asked question. There are some important things that should be taken into consideration before reading the back of a canceled check.

1. First, you have to turn in the check. Check the right side of the check, you will find the signature of a person for whom the check was made, in a common language that person is also known as the payee. If you are checking the electronic version of cancel check, you may find that in the rare image.

2. Then look for the electronic stamp. That electronic stamp will contain the name of the bank from where the money was deposited, that bank is also known as the payee’s bank. In most of the checks you may find, the word “For Deposit Only” was stamped. A number is also associated with that stamp.

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3. Now you may find the account number near the bank’s name on the stamp. On the back of the check, the bank from where the receipt is deposited and the account number was written.

4. So, for confirmation of the deduction of the amount from your account you have to find the bank’s stamp with letters and numbers on it.

Some banks use the word “Paid” on the front side of the check, so there is no need to check on the backside of the cheque. A lot of checks were issued or processed by the stamp of the Federal Reserve Regional Bank.

If some want to claim on the payments, then these checks are very useful for that. So, everyone should keep these checks for proof. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation proposed that everyone should keep their canceled checks for almost seven years.

You can also ask for cancellation checks if your bank hasn’t given that to you. And it is the duty of the bank to provide cancel checks to the person within a reasonable period of time. Some banks also charge a fee for their services.

This is the information regarding the Canceled Check & how to read the back of the cashed check.

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