Top 5 Guidelines To Choosing The Best Cord Blood Bank

Blood is very crucial for saving the life of critical patients. This is why blood banks are the foremost priority in the modern world, and not necessarily for taxes on health insurance. Storing the blood is the main concern of any blood bank, and thus these are a crucial part of the medical system which no one can neglect.

However, blood banks have divisions, and one example is the cord blood bank. The concept of a cord blood bank is not new, but it is still unknown to millions of people all over the world. Cord blood banks only store cord blood which can be collected from the placenta and umbilical cord of the newborn child.

You might have already got various ideas from many people regarding why you should store umbilical cord blood in the blood banks. But the main concern is where you should store your cord blood or which area will be better for you. The confusion is there, and thus we are here to show you some ways through which you can simply decide your best destination for cord blood storage.

How Is Cord Blood Collected? 

  • The first step is to clamp and cut the cord of the newborn baby.
  • Then the cord blood is collected in the umbilical vein.
  • After collection, it is sealed and stored in a cord blood bank by considering various medical tests and procedures.
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Best Guidelines To Choose The Perfect Cord Blood Bank

After we have understood the collection of the very rare cord blood and its importance, it’s time to find out the ways to select the perfect cord blood bank.

1. Experience 

Always look for the experience when you are getting some service. Cord blood banks are also service providers where you need to go for the experienced ones.

Many cord blood banks are available in the market, and if you have to choose one of them, you can simply choose the experienced one. Find out the blood banks which have served many families over the years.

Being able to deliver viable stem cells to patients and creating a mark in the field of cord blood banks is unique, and that’s what you need to choose.

2. Stability 

Many cord blood banks switch their laboratory every now and then, and on the other hand, few cord blood banks stay strong with their own laboratory. You need to look for the standard banks which are operating in the market for a long time.

There are too many things to consider at once, and one of them is the stable library. A cord blood bank with a stable library is what you are hunting for.

3. Transit And Safety Standards

There are many safety standards available in medical terms which every blood bank needs to pass through. However, among all the blood banks, only a few are viable enough to consider all these transit and safety standards.

Maintaining safety standards is very crucial for cord blood banks because it deals with the storing of blood. Almost 15 years of storage needs proper safety standards.

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You cannot simply trust a blood bank from the outside and choose it based on its structure. Instead, you should check their inner abilities to maintain the safety standards and storing process.

4. Accreditation

Check for the accreditation standards of any blood bank and then go for it. Mainly there are two standards: FACT and AABB. On the other hand, the United States banks required FDA standards to maintain.

Look for the regulatory authorities in your native place and find out the actual stamps to understand if it has proper accreditation or not.

5. Pricing 

Pricing is going to be a big issue for you in this case. Whenever you are storing cord blood in a private bank for future usage, you will have to look at it like health insurance. So, you need to pay on a continuous schedule to ensure that you are getting back what you have stored.

Find out the cord blood banks which provide suitable payment plans for your financial management. Go for the cord blood bank, which is eager to help you in every way by removing all kinds of confusion from your mind.

Compare And Contrast 

If you are planning to store cord blood in a bank, you should plan it in advance so that you can get the chance to compare and contrast. This should not be a quick and hassle process because that might lead to a poor choice of a cord blood bank.

Do not forget to compare as many banks as possible and follow the above-mentioned criteria to select the best one.

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