Customer Support Challenges

Behind every good business is an excellent customer service team. In our experience, this adage has proven itself to be accurate time and again. With increasing competition, the need for great products and exemplary services rises.

It’s good to have a customer support team that is wholly aligned with the business interests. Businesses need proactive teams that can handle customer queries and complaints, which is the key to making businesses thrive. This can be done either with in-house customer support, or preferably through customer support outsourcing services.

In either case, customer support teams will face some challenges in handling clients. Here are some of the more common challenges and how to redress them.

Challenge 1: Managing Customer Expectations

It’s not always easy for our customers to articulate the problem easily. They might not know the technical jargon or be able to pinpoint where the issue starts.

According to Statista’s Customer Service Statistics and Facts Report, 40% of customers stopped doing business with a company due to their poor customer service. They also claim that the most common customer service frustration is the ‘lack of effectiveness’.

Having a customer-first approach where we ask our customers to walk us through the issue step by step. Taking notes of this issue helps the individual customer and helps us create aggregate data that can track patterns and trends.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents to the survey stated that a good customer service experience would be one with a knowledgeable representative.


Our ethos is in creating a team that has in-depth knowledge of the product and solving your issues. Something that customers prize in service agents is having their issues resolved by a single call. Therefore, it’s our recommend that you consult with a senior team member for a solution before relaying the same back to the customer.

Anticipating the customer’s reaction to being put on hold, our reps can explain that some time is needed to resolve their issue.

We also take this a step further by asking them if they are willing to be put on hold. If they agree, then we proceed. If they deny the request, arrange a callback with the client for a particular time. By offering the client the chance to choose a convenient time for a call. This makes the process easier for both. We believe that by going the extra mile to resolve customer complaints, we can increase customer satisfaction.

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At Wow Customer Support, we use one tip to elevate the standard of customer service we provide. If we need to transfer the call to another agent, we will ensure we relay the situation beforehand to the agent. This increases the quality of service provided to the customer.

By doing so, the burden on the customer is reduced, and they will have a more pleasant experience with our service. This increases the chances of them returning to the business, which drives revenue. This is what sets our customer support outsourcing services apart from the rest.

Challenge 2: When You Don’t Know The Answer to A Question

There may be times when a customer asks questions about things out of our control, like logistics or manufacturing. Customer support isn’t always about having the answer but about how we handle the question.

According to a Microsoft Study, 72% of consumers say that they want service reps to “know who they are, what they have purchased and had insights into their previous engagements.”

We know that customers seek the help of customer service when they get stuck on an issue. They expect the support team to have in-depth knowledge about the problem. We do occasionally get questions from those who decide to forego reading manuals and ask us directly for solutions.


So, what separates good customer service from exemplary one is creating a good impression on the customer. Our goal is to create a positive experience for the customer and find the right answer and a permanent solution.

It’s our recommendation that the customer service department compiles a frequently asked questions directory. To provide a satisfactory answer, we will need a detailed understanding of the process and a simple way to present it to the customer. We need to ensure the customer takes as few steps as possible while we handle their problems. This is the key to higher customer satisfaction.

Our reps always listen to the customer before speaking, taking notes of main points. We can repeat the issue back to them to make sure we understand what they are asking.

At Wow Customer Support, we believe in empowering our customers with the right tools and information to decide for themselves. Our role here’s to facilitate a smooth and comfortable experience when using our products. We thrive on creating positive experiences to boost customer retention. As a company, we pride ourselves on holding to the highest standards in service.

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Challenge 3: Divergent Customer Journey and Service Workflow

According to the Harvard Business Review, the customer journey map is a diagram that illustrates the steps customers go through when engaging with the company. Having customer service at the right time can help you land the sale and retain customers. as having customer service representatives who are available at all points of a customer journey to answer any of their questions can provide a better experience for them in the long term.

The problem arises when there is friction between the customer journey and the customer service workflow.


When we understand what the customer looks for at each stage of the purchase journey, we understand what information they need to be provided. This can also help us identify bottlenecks and issues before they impact the customers.

At Wow Customer Support, we value being available to the customer at any point in their journey. We help streamline communications with your customers and address any questions they may have.

We also value feedback, and we review our internal processes and make recommendations per the feedback received. A customer’s honest opinion is worth its weight in gold.

Challenge 4:Handling Crisis and Complaints

Handling a crisis is the core part of being good customer service support. A crisis can take several forms. It can result from power failure, product issues, a data breach, or other grave concerns.

Customer service support becomes crucial in moments like these. Calls will pour in, with harried customers in a heightened emotional state. They can be afraid, angry or running on high emotions.


In case of such a crisis, we will need to have a crisis management plan in place. During training, having a module detailing exactly how to manage the crisis can help. It’s imperative to put together scripts that can help model what to say.

At all times, We need to stay calm and polite. Make the customer feel heard. A little empathy can go a long way in defusing tension or calming an upset customer.

We can use phrases like “I understand this must be frustrating/upsetting”, or “I understand how you feel”, or even “I would feel the same way”.This can help us connect better with the customer. Which in turn makes them more receptive to what we have to say.

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If there are issues, apologize to the customer for the inconvenience caused. This is important. This makes the customer feel appreciated and like we are a company that cares. We need to follow this up with concrete action for resolution as soon as possible. This helps build trust in the company and increases customer satisfaction.

Another thing to do in times of crisis is use a customer support outsourcing service. Wow Customer Support offers the support of a team with experience in handling crises and the data to back up these claims. As we are well versed in de-escalation and handling angry customers, we are the best choice for managing customer service even through a crisis.

Challenge 5: Customer Support Outsourcing Services

Wowing people with exemplary customer service is what we pride ourselves on. Thanks to our state of the art technology and infrastructure, your data remains safe and secure. This also helps us boost our Turn Around Time in turn.

We take our Non-Disclosure Agreements seriously, and our security systems ensure the best protection for your data. We offer multi-channel support over email, chat and outbound or inbound calls. We track all customer interactions, and with the assistance of our tools, we can offer a personalization that is unbeatable by others.

As the visionary among customer support outsourcing services, Wow Customer Support personnel embody the values that we promote. With a carefully curated team of experts, we offer you an unbeatable customer service experience.

The careful balance of personalization with speedy resolution of issues can create the ultimate customer experience. Our well-trained team prides itself on providing a polite and professional service that promotes customer retention.

We hit all the metrics that indicate quality customer service offered at incredible prices.

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Finding the perfect customer support outsourcing service is essential for a business to thrive. Did you know? A 5% increase in customer retention can produce 25% more profit! If you’re looking for an exemplary outsourcing partner with the right resources, expertise and tools, contact Wow Customer Service Support today!

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It can be difficult to find the perfect customer support service. This is why a professional outsourcing agency can assist your company in having a comprehensive client experience while also enhancing your brand image. In this blog, you’ll learn about five customer service difficulties and how to deal with them.

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