Preserving the heritage of centuries beautifully turned into stained canvases has been the foremost purpose of art galleries. Since people started to take away more inspiration from art galleries than just sheer ecstasy, web galleries of art have come up. 

Digital art galleries have been art connoisseurs for a long time now as people have been more glued to their devices than the actual world. They carry on the same heritage and supply as aesthetically pleasing art as any. 

What is the 1st art gallery? 

The exhibited art pieces that were housed in museums and art galleries were so exclusive and suave that anyone would want to possess them. Hence, it gave birth to the idea of reproduction of masterpieces that gave the world art ideas so that people could have a little piece of heaven hanging on their walls.

1st art gallery is a haven for made-to-order paintings which have satiated tens of thousands of customers like Hollywood production houses, luxury cruise-liners, the Royal Family, etc and given them the honor to share rooms with the greatest artistic masterminds. 

This fine customer base of 1st art gallery inc is representative of its talented artists who use top-notch premium materials and ensure quality from the first stroke of the brush to the last one. Their artists are self-driven and passionate about their work which has taken this web gallery of art to the icy blue heights of the sky. 

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What do they do? 

Art is the greatest human salvation and 1st art gallery is of the opinion that everyone deserves to achieve it. Hence, they reproduce original famous paintings so that your walls remain as emblazoned as the sky is with stars. They’ve categorized famous paintings by art movements, popular genres, time of production of the painting and names of the artists to detach the hassle from browsing and make it a comfortable experience for all the customers. 

Other than the oil on canvas reproduction of paintings, the 1st art gallery also does custom paintings in any form. You can get a photograph or a digital image transported into the ethereal world of art to be dedicatedly curated into an oil portrait which is bound to sway anyone away, courtesy of the fine hands of the artists. Custom portraits serve as a memorable gift that will stand against the pangs of time and will always be an embodiment of love. 

What are the perks of buying from the 1st art gallery? 

Aside from inspired works of art with ancient techniques so smoothly and meticulously used that you will never be able to distinguish the original from the reproduction, the 1st art gallery still has a lot to offer. 

Their work has always astonished and never disappointed but considering the hesitation of the rabble, are their plaudit-worthy paintings backed by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee to build the trust.   

The masterpieces usually take 21 days to be beautifully perfected by their artists which are then delivered by courier free of charge. The paintings also come with a lifetime warranty for such is their pride of 1st art gallery in the team of artists and on their competence and excellence. 

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Pondering about the authenticity of the work? Let them bereft you of that as well for their paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity which is an assurance of the hand-printed fine art reproduction. 

Why pick 1st art gallery

As a customer, it’s your right to browse hither and wither but the 1st art gallery promises that you’ll fall back to them due to their stature as the largest gallery as well as the biggest supplier of made-to-order oil paintings in the world. 

You’ll find the exact nuances of Michelangelo in Creation of Adam with the same brushwork along with detailed intricacies that resemble his; such is the quality check that is maintained from the beginning to the end.

Word of mouth creates and destroys business and the 1000 testimonials of the customers on their webpage speak highly of their craftsmanship as well as being a beacon of their brilliance. 

How to order?

If you’re blown away by the 1st art gallery, then without any further adieu, let’s dive into how you can order art pieces as art décor pieces for your home.

For getting your beloved artist’s work reproduced, all you have to do is select the painting and then look at the sizes you’d prefer, adjacent to which the prices will be mentioned. If you’re a newbie, there’s a support video to choose the perfect size which will assist you in your endeavors. Then, all you’ve to do is just give in your contact details and hit order and voila! You live and breathe art now. 

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To get a custom painting made, select the type of painting from the various choices which would provide them information about the portrait. Then, move on to giving out the painting information in case you want your painting on a masterpiece like your friend’s portrait with the background of “Starry Night”. Then, you’ve to upload the image adhering to the size of the file and then after choosing the correct size for your portrait, you’re all set! 

Final Thoughts

1st Art Gallery and its team deliver not just exquisitely composed art for you but an experience that’ll stay with you for time immemorial.