Top 10 Ways keep your Small Business Alive During Quarantine

Coronavirus has likely impacted everyone around the globe. Whether your business sells products or services, due to this pandemic, your business is going through a lot of trouble. No matter what your business size is it is getting affected. However, Coronavirus continues to rock the boat nationwide, it is obvious that it’s not going to sink you down. So in order to overcome the crisis, it is very important to make some efforts and bloom your business.

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In order, if you are dealing with the major problems to keep your business alive during this pandemic; we have listed below 10 ways to keep your small business alive during this quarantine.

1. Analyze your current business scenario with the normal one

During such a crucial time, you need to look into where you are spending more money and which expenses are avoidable. In this time you need to manage your expenses so that you can earn profit and can also afloat your business. Many businesses run with lots of expenses, and this is the best time to run your business efficiently. As a business owner, you don’t want to sacrifice the quality so always make a well thought before considering any optimization.

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b). Enhance your SEO strategy

As you have ample full of time with you, you can give some time to enhance your SEO strategy. Improving your SEO strategy will make your business grow much easier. Everyone is spending most of their time online and this is the best way to improve your SEO strategy so that more and more people come across your website.

c). Make sure you are available on the web

As we all are locked inside our homes and are not visiting any of the stores outside; it is obvious that people will get help for online services. This is the reason, that it’s the best time if you are not available on the web then you have a chance to be available for your consumers online. Making yourself available will not only make your business grown profit but you can also enhance your consumer’s reach. Search traffics have also increased during this pandemic situation. This will result in more consumption than before which is present online right now. You must ensure that you are using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to climb up the search traffics so that your business can grow easily.

d). Stay in touch with your customers through Social media

We all are dealing with a difficult situation in which we have to just stay at our homes and take precautions that are necessary. We are not able to visit the physical stores in order to shop or visit our friends and relatives. Therefore, it is the best time to show empathy to your customers that you are present to help them on social media. People use more of the social media while they are at home so, this gives your brand a chance to just stay connected with your customers. There is no need to publish promotional content; just leaving reminders to stay safe can also do wonders for your brand.

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e). Keep an eye on your competitors

We all know the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” – the same must be applied during this time also. You must constantly follow the social media handles of your competitors to know what new and different they are bringing to cope with the pandemic crises for their firm. You need to undergo strong SEO strategies, so that whenever a customer search for specific keywords, your brand is at the top list of Google’s Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs).

f). Offer beguiling special offers

For a small business it is quite not possible to get the usual volume of walk-in traffic so, in this case, you can always offer to attract special offers to enhance the profit of your business.

g). Create Structure and Procedures 

You must undergo some changes by organizing contacts, communication schedules, and contingency plans. Start by creating a list of all the stakeholders with whom you need to communicate during this time. Next you need to segment them into different lists like consumers, employees, supply chains, etc.

h). Use discounts to your advantage

This is the right time to allure long term purchases with some discounts. Discounts always encourage customers to buy products and services. You can offer discounts on their existing services or can add discounts on the products which you feel consumers are more likely to buy.

i). Update your website and Media accounts

Updating your website and social media accounts will make your customers believe you are still focusing on your business and doing what you can to stay afloat. Update your consumers about the new products that you have for them also stay connected with your consumers so that they don’t miss any of the offerings by your business. You can also offer them special offers in order to maintain your sales and profit.

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j). Support your Clients

Supporting your consumers is the best way to maintain your business during this quarantine. Reaching to your customers by providing them home delivery services that to free of cost can definitely do wonders for your business. Providing free gift packs, food, or supplies to your consumers will showcase that you not only believe in professional growth but you are also concerned for your customers personally. Your consumers will appreciate this in the near future and will definitely count on you at such tough times.


No matter this time is tough for all of us, but all we need to know is this that this shall pass. So, in order to propel your business, you can always look into these factors which can help you to keep your business growing even during this hard time.

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