Watch The Latest Movies and Web Series Only on Amazon Prime Video!

Who doesn’t like to stream movies and videos during their leisure hours? With so many OTT platforms coming to the surface Amazon Prime Video has got our attention. 

Also known as Prime Video, this platform is Amazon’s movie streaming service. This global platform was launched back in 2011, as an initiative to increase Amazon’s Prime subscription. This platform provides access to more than 5,000 streaming movies, web series, and Amazon originals to its prime subscribers. Needless to say, its collection is becoming varied and huge with every passing day. 

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What does Amazon Prime Video offer? 

Obviously, before subscribing to any platform or channel, people question what would they get from it. Amazon Prime Video offers a lot to its users. We have listed below some of them. 

  • Categorized contents 

On Amazon Prime, you get movies categorized into different classes. There are south Indian movies, English movies, adventure movies, etc. On the homepage, you can see a vast categorization of movies. Browse through them and select the one that you find appropriate to watch. 

  • Massive library of contents 

Being one of the premium streaming platforms, Amazon Prime Video hosts a variety of content for its users. There are contents from every genre and language. 

New content is added every day, so people always get something new to stream. Besides, there are new Amazon prime original videos! 

  • Turn Off Auto Play
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Amazon Prime Video allows people to turn off the auto play feature if they wish to. With the next up feature, a little box at the bottom corner of the screen appears every time a video ends. This is the autoplay feature that quickly starts the next video. If you don’t want this feature, you can go to settings, click on the playback tab and turn off the autoplay. 

  • Customize Captions

If you want subtitles, Amazon prime even allows you to customise them. You can click on the chat bubble option at the top right corner of the screen and go to subtitle settings and make whatever changes are necessary. 

  • Set Parental Controls

Being a responsible guardian, you probably don’t want your kids to browse through adult content. To prevent that, you can set parental controls that wouldn’t allow access to anyone without a special five-digit pin! To make the necessary changes, visit settings, click on the parental controls tab and generate an Amazon Prime Video pin. Now, select a suitable restriction level. 


  • Brings together movies from different genres, shows, language, and era. There are several critically acclaimed original content too! 
  • Allows offline downloads
  • Provides a summary of every content to users, helping them know what that content is about 
  • General trivia about every content is also included


  • Sometimes even prime subscribers have to go see commercials while streaming movies or web series which is extremely disturbing. 
  • The quality of video sometimes drops low to 320p. 
  • The user interface is also poor as compared to other movie streaming platforms. 
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Final Words

Nevertheless, Amazon Prime Video is a reliable source of entertainment for people. Though it cannot be compared with the services offered by Netflix APK or Hulu, it is doing a great job so far. Amazon Prime still has a long way to go and improve several aspects of it. If you haven’t yet got an Amazon subscription for yourself, it’s time to grab your subscription and access a wide variety of shows sitting at home


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